High winds expected for rainy spring day

Jeff Klein, Emergency Management Agency  director for Wood County, has issued the following advisory:

The National Storm Prediction Center has Wood County in a risk of thunderstorms now through this afternoon.  Along with potential thunderstorms and associated rainfall, wind damage will be our primary concern.  This should just be a typical rainy spring day for our area.   However, east of I-71 NWS Cleveland is expecting wind gusts up to 60/ 70 mph.  Should this system form earlier than expected, there is a potential strong winds creating power disruption as well as tree damage on roadways.  We recommend all outdoor items be secured to prevent damage from becoming flying objects.  While tornados may be a possibility, NWS Cleveland does not believe it to be a high risk

During this time please monitor weather conditions for any sudden changes.  The Wood County EMA is activity monitoring this weather pattern and will provide updates as they occur.

We are also monitoring potential severe weather the afternoon and evening of Sunday April 14, 2019.  As with this system, we are currently on the northwest edge in the lowest thunderstorm category .  Updates will be provided as they become available.