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‘Heroes among us’ honored for extraordinary acts

By JAN LARSON McLAUGHLIN BG Independent News   They were ordinary people, who when faced with extraordinary challenges did the right thing. The four people who heard screaming then gunshots and ran to aid the victim. The two people who stopped to help a man lying in the middle of the road. And the man who tried to save his uncle when a barn collapsed on him. The “heroes who live among us” were recognized Friday evening during the 29th annual Black Swamp Humanitarian Awards. Since 1989, a total of 412 awards have been presented to people who have made extraordinary efforts to help others. This year’s awards were given to Andrew and Kacie Engel, Chris and Rebecca Jordan, Jared Fouts, Halie Domer and Andrew Wilhelm. Life Risk Award On March 23, the Engels and Jordans heard a woman scream and gunshots being fired. They ran to the aid of a woman lying in the hallway of their Perrysburg Township apartment building – even though her estranged husband who shot her was still in the building. The woman, Kristine Keiser, had been shot four times. “These couples truly put their lives on the line to save mine,” Keiser wrote in a letter to be read at the awards ceremony Friday night. The four people put themselves in danger, Keiser wrote. “They never left my side – even with an armed man on the other side of the apartment door.” “I’m blessed to be alive today because of them,” Keiser wrote….