Advertising Information 

BGIN offers 4 different locations on our sidebar with huge potential for any variety of advertising and public announcements. The sidebar is visible on the right side of every page of our website. Ad image files, preferably in jpeg or png format, should be emailed to the address above. We prefer a 16×9 ratio, approximately that of a business card, but square will also work, or even 8.5×11 if you are willing to take a lower spot on the site. File size cannot be more than 64 MB.

Because of our flexibility, we can also use our sidebar space as a sort of Classifieds section. Help wanted notices, engagement announcements, special events and more are all acceptable as long as they are in the format stated above. Another benefit of BG Independent News is that there is no pay wall. Since readers don’t have to pay a subscription fee and are never blocked from the site, your ad will be visible to all of our users (and their nearly 20,000 page views per week) at all times. Our website is also mobile friendly: instead of being on the right, the ads are in between the sections as readers scroll on their devices. We can also link your ad to any URL you provide.

The most visible location on the sidebar (Top Spot in Location #1) has an additional $30 reservation fee because of the high demand. Otherwise, ads in Location #1 are rotated. Your business or organization will be invoiced by email as soon as details are finalized. We accept checks or credit cards through PayPal, preferably as soon as the invoice is received. Checks can be written to BG Independent News and sent to the remittance address on the invoice (418 S. Grove St, BG); instructions will be given regarding online  payments.

We no longer offer the service of creating or editing your promotional document for you. Converting, cropping, and / or adding a border are all the assistance the advertising manager is able to provide. (If you need design help, The Copy Shop is an excellent resource!)

Please contact to have this information emailed to you in a PDF, or to place an ad.

Location #1

Between Main Menu bar and News Break

$200.00 per month / $70.00 per week

Location #1 Top Spot

The very top ad on the sidebar.

Additional $30.00 reservation fee per ad / per month

Location #2

Between News Break and “Support the News”

$150.00 per month / $45.00 per week

Location #3

Between “Support the News” and Magazine links

$110.00 per month / $40.00 per week

Location #4

Between Magazine links and Community Voices

$75.00 per month / $30.00 per week

Annual Sponsorship Information

Your commitment of at least $150.00 every month for one year will enable our writers to continue to deliver timely and reliable reporting, which we make available to everyone on an attractive and mobile-friendly website. As you might expect, our work requires a lot of time, effort, and financial backing, and we rely on organizations and individuals like you.

With an annual sponsorship, your logo will appear in the most prominent spot on our site, the header, under the statement BROUGHT TO YOU BY (pictured below) which will indicate your level of commitment.

We can also place a banner ad of your design in the footer area, or depending on your advertising needs, a nearby sidebar spot (also shown below). The ad information can be changed as often as you like, or it can stay the same all year. For full ads in an area of higher visibility as well as the header logo, a different price can be negotiated. Flexibility makes the sponsorship as beneficial as possible to us both.

Payment can be made all at once or in convenient installments billed once monthly, or at a rate you request. An invoice will be emailed to you as soon as details are finalized. Checks can be written to BG Independent News and sent to the remittance address on the invoice (418 S. Grove St, BG) or arrangements can easily be made for payment by credit card. Please contact Elizabeth Roberts-Zibbel at to have this information emailed to you as a PDF, or to become a sponsor.