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Gordon sexual assault investigation referred to BGSU, Perrysburg

The Bowling Green Police Division has issued the following news release: On October 12, 2018, the Bowling Green Police Division began an investigation into sexual assault allegations made via social media against former Bowling Green City Councilman Daniel Gordon. Investigators of the division spoke with the victim.  The victim advised the alleged incidents took place on the Bowling Green State University campus and in the City of Perrysburg. Therefore, BGPD investigators referred this case to the Bowling Green State University Police Department and the Perrysburg Police Department for investigation.  All further inquiries should be directed to the public information officers from those respective agencies.

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Street closures and parking restrictions set for Firefly Nights Festival

In conjunction with the Firefly Nights Festival scheduled for Friday, Oct. 19, certain street closures and parking restrictions will be imposed in downtown Bowling Green. Beginning at 2 p.m. on Friday, on-street parking will be prohibited on Main Street, from Clay to Washington, and along Clay Street and West Oak Street. At 4 p.m. on Friday, Main Street between Clay Street and Washington Street will be closed to vehicular traffic. While Main Street is closed, no through traffic will be permitted on Oak, Court, and Clough streets. Wooster Street will remain open for east and westbound traffic throughout the festival. During the Main Street closing, detour routes for local and truck traffic will be posted. All streets will reopen and parking will be reinstated on Friday following the event. The festival is scheduled to occur from 6 to 10 p.m. Details may be found on the Firefly Nights Festival website –

BG Councilman Daniel Gordon submits letter of resignation

Following is a letter submitted by Bowling Green Councilman Daniel Gordon this morning to the city administration: Dear Mayor Edwards, Members of Council, Administrator Tretter, Clerk Scherreik, and Attorney Marsh, I had intended to make this announcement at Monday’s Council meeting, but early that evening I had an asthma attack and ended up at the ER. As you know, I’ve been trying to work on improving my health, so I appreciate your patience. I hope you all had a good and productive session. Since our next meeting is three weeks away, I will not be able to make these remarks in person, so in writing will have to do. As some of you know, I recently purchased my original family home, which is outside of my district. My intent was to fix up the house and move into it following the end of my current term on Council. I have determined, however, that it is no longer financially feasible for me to afford that while continuing to reside at my current address. Consequently, I am stepping down from my seat now to expedite the process for Council to find a successor. I resign from my office as 1st Ward Representative for the City of Bowling Green effective immediately. It is my hope that Council will have enough time to replace me prior to our first meeting in November. I would be remiss if I left without reflecting on what an honor it has been to serve in elected office for nearly seven years. Most people in their twenties do not get to say that they helped govern a city, nor do even many of those who have get to say they did so in such tangible ways. Bowling Green is different now, and for the better, because I did my part, and you helped me do it. I want to thank each and every one of you, in addition to my thousands of constituents, for helping me learn what it means to be a true and effective leader. Though we did not always agree on the issues, I learned from that too. And I am grateful for the opportunities we had to work together as a team in service of the common good. City government is becoming more responsive to citizens and proactive about solving problems. Because of our teamwork, Bowling Green continues to make strides toward embracing its identity and culture as a welcoming, inclusive place that will not tolerate any form of discrimination. We have passed legislation recognizing as family some of our most vulnerable residents, including the Muslim and immigrant (documented and undocumented alike) communities. And we have strengthened our commitment to social justice by enshrining these values in our city charter as fundamental values of municipal governance. Not every community can say this. Our teamwork has also led to Bowling Green striving for greater economic equity. We moved from dismissing the housing and neighborhood concerns of Eastside residents to devising and implementing a strategic plan to address those problems. When that work concludes, when Eastside residents believe that their government has fought to stop and reverse the deteriorating housing conditions and neighborhood quality of life, we will have responded substantively to the core economic problem facing our city. This issue has been one of my major…

What issues and candidates will be on your ballot?

For more than 60 years the League of Women Voters of Bowling Green has been providing information about candidates and issues to educate voters. This year citizens of Bowling Green will be voting on one state issue, two county issues, five Bowling Green City Charter changes and numerous statewide and county candidates. Each year the League of Women Voters of Bowling Green and the League of Women Voters of Ohio reach out to candidates who provide biographical information and answer questions prepared by the League. Each candidate is limited to a specific number of words and responses are printed without editing. All candidate and issue information can be found on the Bowling Green League website Several years ago a website was created to help voters learn more about judicial candidates statewide as well as provide information about Ohio’s court system. Judicial Votes Count is a nonpartisan partnership of the Ohio Supreme Court, The Ohio Bar Association, Bliss Institute for Applied Politics at the University of Akron, Ohio Newspaper Association, Ohio Association of Broadcaster and the Ohio League of Women Voters Education Fund. Another resource for voters is VOTE411, a national website prepared by the League of Women Voters in each state. A voter can go to and enter their address. The site will find the candidates for each state office as well as statewide issues that will appear on their individual ballot. Every candidate was given the opportunity to provide background information and answer 4-5 questions posed by the League. A voter can select two candidates and compare their answers to the same questions. The VOTE411website will be continually updated as responses to the questionnaire sent to the candidates are received by the League even if past the date for submission. The League of Women Voters of Bowling Green is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to encouraging active and informed participation of citizens in government.  The League does not endorse candidates for office.  The inclusion of candidate information is for the sole purpose of informing the public and does not imply League endorsement of any candidate or party.  The League does take positions on some issues but only after careful study.

After party shooting leaves victim in serious condition

The Bowling Green Police Division is investigating a shooting that occurred in the early morning hours of October 13 at 2055 E. Napoleon Rd., Bowling Green, OH. Shortly after 1 a.m., patrol units were dispatched to a report of a person that had been shot with a handgun after a 911 call came from the residence. The victim, identified as Kyren Palmer, 22, of Cincinnati was transported by ambulance to St. Vincent’s of Toledo where he is listed in serious condition. Patrol units had responded to the residence earlier in the evening for a report of a large party. Responding officers indicated the music was very loud, people were yelling, and they detected an odor of marijuana emitting from an open window of the residence. The gathering was subsequently shut down and a resident was cited for a nuisance party violation. Approximately one hour later, patrol units were dispatched to the same address for the reported shooting. It is reported that there was a physical altercation between Palmer and several other unidentified individuals which led to Palmer being shot in the left abdomen with a 9mm handgun. The scene was processed by Bowling Green PD detectives and the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with further information is urged to contact Det. Brian Houser with the Bowling Green Police Division at 419-352-2571 or Wood County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-54-CRIME (419-352-0077). Callers are eligible for cash rewards up to $1,000 for information resulting in the arrest and conviction of perpetrators of crime.

Councilman to hold Fourth Ward quarterly meeting

Bowling Green Fourth Ward City Council Member William Herald will hold his 35th Fourth Ward quarterly meeting on Thursday, Oct. 18, at the Simpson Garden Park building, 1291 Conneaut Ave., at 7 p.m. Herald will give a short update on council-related actions/issues including the four proposed city charter amendments on the November ballot, answer questions, and listen to input from citizens.  Residents from all of Bowling Green are welcome.

More vehicle-deer crashes this time of year

November is the month with the highest number of vehicle-deer crashes in Wood County, followed by October and December which are second and third highest, according to Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn. In 2017, the sheriff’s office handled 239 vehicle-deer crashes – with 53 of those being in November. To date this year, the office has handled 132 vehicle-deer crashes. The numbers above are only the crashes handled by the Wood County Sheriff’s Office and do not include crashes handled by other law enforcement agencies in the county. According to the Insurance Forum Institute, the average cost per insurance claim for collision damage is $2,800, with costs varying depending on the type of vehicle and severity of damage. The average rises to $10,000 when auto claims involving bodily injury are factored in. The following defensive tips were offered to help avoid hitting a deer: Be especially attentive from sunset to midnight and during the hours shortly before and after sunrise. These are the highest risk times for vehicle-deer collisions. Drive with caution when moving through deer-crossing zones, in areas known to have a large deer population and in areas where roads divide agricultural fields from forestland. Deer seldom run alone. When you see one deer, others are very likely to be nearby. When driving at night, use high beam headlights when there is no oncoming traffic. The high beams will better illuminate the eyes of deer on or near the roadway. Brake firmly when you notice a deer in or near youth path, stay in your lane. Many serious crashes occur when drivers swerve to avoid deer and hit another vehicle or lose control of their vehicles and go into a ditch or hit poles or trees. Always wear your safety belt. Many people injured in car-deer crashes were not wearing their seat belts. Do not rely on devices such as deer whistles, deer fence and reflectors to deter deer. These devices have not been proven to reduce vehicle-deer collisions. If your vehicle strikes a deer, do not touch the animal. A frightened and wounded deer can hurt you. The best procedure, if possible, is to get your vehicle off the road and call 911. Contact your insurance agent or company representative to report any damage to your vehicle. Collision with an animal is covered under the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance policy and does not go against your driving record.