BG gives updates on construction in city

Following is a list of construction projects in Bowling Green, and updates on their progress:

  • Church/Grove/Evers paving: curb and sidewalk replacement is the focus this week along with soft surface restoration.  It is anticipated that the surface course of asphalt will be completed by the end of next week.
  • Wolfly sewer improvement: the contractor is completing pavement restoration this week.  Anticipated completion date for this project is November 10.
  • Manville/Troup waterline: trenching into the bedrock along Troup Street remains the focus of the contractor this week.  Once all trenching is complete and the waterline and service lines are complete on Troup, the contractor will begin roadway and concrete work on Manville and Troup.
  • Conneaut Avenue lift station: by the end of the year, construction on a sanitary sewer force main and pump station will begin.  The entire project area will encompass the area of Conneaut Avenue, between Ketner and Lafayette; however, much of the project will be focused on the area between Wintergarden and Lafayette, which will include deep excavation for the gravity sewer, installation of part of the force main, and construction of the lift station.  These efforts will result in some temporary street closures.  A project timeline will be released soon.  In 2018, once the sewer line and lift station are complete, Conneaut, from Lafayette to Wintergarden will be paved.

Questions about these projects may be addressed with the Engineering Division at 419-354-6227.