BGSU 2018 security report available

The annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report is available. It contains:

  1. Crime statistics for the previous three (3) calendar years, including reported crimes that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by BGSU, and on public property within or immediately adjacent to and accessible from campus;
  2. Campus policy regarding the reporting of on-campus criminal activity as well as facility access;
  3. Campus policy for the reporting of off-campus criminal activity;
  4. Campus policy and services regarding law enforcement and public safety;
  5. Information regarding personal safety and crime-prevention programs;
  6. Campus policy regarding the sale, possession and use of alcohol and illegal drugs;
  7. Information regarding drug, alcohol and sexual violence education programs and campaigns;
  8. Policies and procedures for preventing and responding to dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault;
  9. Information regarding how residential students can designate a contact person that the University should notify should they be missing for more than 24 hours; and,
  10. Fire safety information for on-campus residential facilities, including the number of actual fires, types of fire safety systems, as well as fire safety educational programs.