BGSU suspends fraternity for hazing (updated)

Bowling Green State University has suspended the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity for hazing and related activities.

Dean of Student Chris Bullins announced the suspension today in an email to the campus community.

The suspension is effective starting in the spring semester. The statement says: “The suspension is the result of a formal disciplinary sanction hearing regarding the violation of two Code of Student Conduct charges: hazing and discouraging participation in the conduct process. Individual students may also be held accountable under the Code of Student Conduct.”

Bullins said that the fraternity accepted responsibility for the violations. It does have the option of appealing. As it stands the fraternity would have to wait until fall, 2020. to be eligible for reinstatement. “There is a detailed process and plan of action to be considered for reinstatement,” the statement explains.

The fraternity has 50 members, 12 of whom live in the fraternity house. University Spokesman Dave Kielmeyer said the university will be able to accommodate those still are required to live on campus.

Though hazing is gainst state law, Kielmeyer said, “the incident is not being investigated by police.”

The statement continues:

“Please know that student safety is our No. 1 priority and we thoroughly investigate all reports of misconduct. BGSU does not tolerate activities that may put our students in harm’s way, impair their academic progress, or are personally degrading. This includes hazing. Not only is hazing forbidden by University policy, it is also against state law. It is important to remember that these rules apply to all University clubs and organizations.

“This incident is not reflective of the values of our Greek community. BGSU’s 40 fraternities and sororities have a long history of building leaders and serving others. They contribute valuable time and resources to our campus and our community.

“BGSU is committed to creating a positive environment and educating the campus community about our expectations for behavior. These policies are outlined in the Student Handbook.

“Members of the University community are encouraged to report potential hazing incidents to the BGSU Police and/or the Office of the Dean of Students. Anonymous reports may be made by calling the hazing hotline at 419-372-HAZE (4293).”