Digging begins for gazebo in BG’s Wooster Green

Digging begins for gazebo in the Wooster Green.


BG Independent News


Dirt has been moved on the Wooster Green to make way for the gazebo on the town’s new gathering place.

Mayor Dick Edwards announced at Bowling Green City Council meeting on Monday evening that the site will be officially dedicated by the community on June 1, at 4 p.m.

Workers are “taking advantage of the relatively good weather” to make progress on the site, Edwards said.

The Wooster Green improvements are being funded by private donations. The mayor said Monday evening that nearly 60 percent of the funding is in – despite the fact that the fundraising campaign hasn’t officially started.

The estimated cost of Wooster Green is $300,000.

A number of “thoughtful citizens” have made contributions, with one family donating the entire amount needed for the gazebo, Edwards said.

The green space design includes an arched entry, a display area for a sculpture, and a gazebo-like structure. The structure will have a more open and contemporary look, but have the traditional cupola on top. It will be equipped with sound amplification.

The space will include tree-lined streets, other landscaping, bicycle racks, benches, streetlights and trash receptacles that match the style used downtown. Plans also call for places where people can plug in to charge their handheld devices.

Restrooms and water fountains are not included in the plans because of the expense.

The site is intended to be a community gathering space, not a venue for huge events. “Right from the very beginning, we’ve said this is going to be a passive space,” Edwards said last year.