First falcon egg this spring hatches in courthouse

Photo from previous year courtesy


Bowling Green welcomed its newest falcon to town this afternoon.
The first of four peregrine falcon eggs hatched Wednesday in the clock tower of the Wood County Courthouse. The first view of a hatched egg could be seen around 4 p.m. on the Falcon Cam,, which is provided by a partnership between the Wood County Commissioners and Bowling Green State University.
“Spring is on the way and our falcon family hanging around the Courthouse nesting box is a sure sign,” said Andrew Kalmar, Wood County administrator. “This is the ninth year we will be able to watch the falcons grow their family. The Courthouse falcons have attracted the interest of many people over the years, and we are glad they are back.”
It is well known that the peregrine falcon is BGSU’s official mascot. Nine years ago, a pair of the raptors took refuge in the clock tower located just two blocks west of campus.
“We love that the peregrine falcons have made a tradition of calling Bowling Green home,” said Dave Kielmeyer, BGSU chief marketing and communications officer. “The bond the falcons have formed with the town and BGSU is fitting, given our University mascot.”
The first egg was laid in mid-March, and there’s typically a 33-day gestation period. For more information about the peregrine falcons in the courthouse clock tower, go to