Gavarone introduces legislation creating Ohio Cyber Reserve

State Senator Theresa Gavarone (R-Bowling Green) today introduced legislation which creates a new division of the Ohio National Guard called the Ohio Cyber Reserve specializing in cyber security. The bill also makes changes to post-election audits.

The new force which Senate Bill 52 creates within the Ohio National Guard, consists of qualified civilians who are cyber security experts. The Ohio Cyber Reserve will maintain regional Cyber Response Teams (CRT) capable of deterring, mitigating, and remedying cyber-attacks against our local governments, local agencies, election systems and community partners.

Additionally, the legislation includes language to better ensure the results of elections are accurate. Currently, post-election audits are completed solely at the directive of the secretary of state and only during even numbered years.  In collaboration with Secretary of State Frank LaRose, Senate Bill 52 will require post-election audits to be conducted automatically, even in odd year elections. A Chief Information Security Officer will be appointed to advise the secretary of state on matters of information security.

Senate Bill 52 will be referred to a committee for further consideration.