Great Climate March leader to speak in Bowling Green

(Submitted by FreshWater Accountability Project)

Former Iowa State Congressman and Director of Bold Iowa, Ed Fallon, will be at Grounds for Thought in Bowling Green on Friday, April 12, at 6 p.m., to share his experiences as leader of the Great Climate March.

Fallon will read from his book, “Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim,” and share candid reflections about the interpersonal drama of the march as well as his own recounting of his life and what compels him to work tirelessly to build awareness of climate change. Fallon will speak informally and engage the audience to discuss the imminent threat of climate change to build involvement and action through an informed public.

On March 1, 2014, Fallon set out with 50 other marchers on the “Great March for Climate Action,” that would span eight months, starting in Los Angeles and ending in Washington, D.C. His book not only describes the daily challenges of such an undertaking, but shares deeply personal doubts and reflections. This makes the book an interesting read as well as stimulates thought about the place we all share on a planet that is increasingly challenged to support life as we know it.

As Fallon shared with another marcher who was sobbing about species extinction and how little the march appeared to accomplish: “Remember, every little thing we do is important. Whether you are marching, protesting or campaigning for office, you’re making a difference. And if you and I have to compromise in the process, let’s not be too hard on each other, OK?”

With most climate models predicting dramatic, if not disastrous, climate change effects, Fallon’s book relates how individuals can take action, along with the frustration that often entails. Recently, Fallon witnessed the effects of the flooding in his home state, which fuels his mission to bring the subject of climate change forward into public awareness, discourse and action.

All are invited to meet Fallon, join in the discussion, and learn about his important work, which includes a radio show called the, “Fallon Forum.” Books will be available for purchase and donations will be accepted to support Fallon’s mission to “Walk the Talk.” More information about Fallon and his book can be found at: and