Mikel to perform his collaboration with Parsons’ project at Howard’s

Mark Mikel

When rock legend Alan Parsons decided to make his first recording in 15 years, he drew on a large cast to realize the project.

“The Secret” was released on Friday, and it includes a song co-written and performed by Maumee-based musician Mark Mikel.  He co-wrote “Fly To Me,” with Parsons’ long-time collaborator Jeff Kollman.

On Wednesday, May 1, Mikel will perform “Fly To Me,” as part of his regular Wednesday night show at Howard’s Club H, 210 N. Main St., Bowling Green. 

In an interview on the podcast “No Guitar is Safe,” Kollman spoke about how he sent the music to his friend Mikel.

Mikel did more than provide lyrics. He rearranged the sections of the song, and altered the harmonies.

“He’s a genius,” Kollman said.

The song has a certain Beatles-like quality with Mikel’s voice sounding like John Lennon’s.

On “The Secret,” Parsons reflects on the quality of magic and evokes his past work. That includes working on Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and the Beatles’ last two albums, as well as his own Alan Parsons Project.

Grant Moon loudersound.com wrote: “‘The Secret’ draws on magic and mystery in allegorical, poetical ways, and marks a return to the recording and songwriting approach of the Project’s halcyon days. It’s not just an anachronous rehash of past glories, rather a modern album with echoes of classic times.”