Not In Our Town stands in solidarity with Perrysburg against racist graffiti and La Conexion against family separations

(Submitted by Not In Our Town)

Not In Our Town Bowling Green stands in solidarity with the Mayor and the citizens of Perrysburg in denouncing the bigotry, hatred, and prejudice expressed in the racist graffiti that was recently painted on a house in their community.  NIOT BG believes that there is no place for racism in any community.   

Not In Our Town Bowling Green also stands in solidarity with La Conexion and its requests to terminate family separation on the US-Mexico border and the immediate and well implemented reunification of the children that have been separated from their families. 

NIOT BG believes that all people should be treated with dignity and respect.  We denounce the inhumane treatment of immigrants and the inflammatory rhetoric that is commonly used in dialogues surrounding immigration as hurtful and hateful, and certainly not in keeping with the ideals on which America was founded.   

Not In Our Town Bowling Green was created to champion diversity and advance the mission of guiding and inspiring people and the community to work together to stop hate and build safe, inclusive environments for ALL. This movement exists to address acts of intolerance and discrimination.

Through the partnership of Bowling Green State University and the City of Bowling Green, those involved with Not In Our Town pledge to stop bigotry before it starts and stand against any and all forms of hate. 

NIOT BG holds monthly meetings and we welcome all members of the community who want to work together to further our mission, and ensure that Bowling Green is an inclusive and welcoming community for all.