Results listed for annual pet show

Mia Beck holds Thomas, the guinea pig, and Kylah Crawford hold Lilly.

(Submitted by BG Parks and Recreation Department)

The 57th Annual Pet Show, sponsored by the Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department was held on Wednesday, July 11, in City Park. There were 73 entries by the participants, and more than 200 in attendance. The results are as follows:

Funniest Pet Name

  1. Debbie Allgire (Sir Oliver Purssalot)
  2. Quinn Rader (Fiesty)
  3. Jean Holbrook (Mia Wallace)

Largest Dog

  1. Kennedy Brown (Brutus)
  2. Gene Klotz (Tucker)
  3. Carmen Cano (Rigley)

Shaggiest Pet

  1. Alana & Taylor (Max)
  2. Mia Beck (Thomas)

Best Groomed Pet

  1. Chris Witzler (Murphy)
  2. Noah Reger (Olive)
  3. Drew Holbrook (Marla)

Smallest Dog

  1. Jose (My Lady)
  2. Becca (Lola)
  3. Corey McCarty (Henry)

Smallest Cat

  1. Morgan Gale ( Casper)
  2. Denise Krupp (Lela)

Best Dressed Pet

  1. Elizabeth Reger (Ozma)
  2. Kyla Crawford (Lily)
  3. Danica West (Beethoven)

Largest Cat

  1. Dane (Dexter)

Cutest Boy Dog

  1. Kent Strange (Alli Baba)
  2. Rose (Dojo)
  3. Grace Hovest (Brutus)

Most Unusual Pet

  1. Quinn Rader (Fiesty)
  2. Simon & Sophie (Hermie)
  3. Hayley Baker (Tiny, Jessie, Cosmo, Shelly)

Prettiest Girl Cat

  1. Leandra Muniz (Salsa)

Best Pet Trick

  1. Alice (Dojo)
  2. Becca (Josie)
  3. Grace Hovest (Brutus)

Biggest Rodent

  1. Mia Beck (Thomas)
  2. Reagan Otley (Sandy)

Cutest Boy Cat

  1. Marrissa Munez (Loki)
  2. Morgan Gale (Casper)

Prettiest Girl Dog

  1. Drew (Marla)
  2. Emma Walker (Villa)
  3. Clay Giesige (Ky)

Pet That Looks Most Like Its Owner

  1. Ellie Brown (Lulu)
  2. Carly (Hunter)
  3. Peyton & Nolan (Rosco)

Best Behaved Pet

  1. Chris Witzler (Murphy)
  2. Reagan Otley (Sandy)
  3. Debbie Allgire (Sir Oliver Purssalot)

Best Pet Rock

  1. Amelia (The Rock)
  2. Sophia (Babs)
  3. Alice (Fuzzy Fish)
  4. Luke (Cat Cat)