Water boil advisory issued for parts of BG and campus

The City of Bowling Green Water Distribution Division has issued a water boil advisory for a portion of the city. The advisories are issued if there is a possibility that contaminants may be introduced into the water system.

The official customer notification for a Water Boil Advisory will be a door hanger left at the affected building or property.  Click here for an example Water Boil Advisory Door Hanger.

The water boil advisory is in affect for North College Avenue for following addresses:

750 N. College Ave.

801 N. College Ave.

812 N. College Ave.

715 Leroy Ave.

600 E. Poe Road

816 Park Ave.

820 Park Ave.

802 E. Merry Ave.

Occupants of the following BGSU buildings should not drink the water: Falcon Heights, the Jordan Family Development Center, the BCI building, Technology building, Architecture building, College Park Office Building, the Shuttle Office, and maintenance building.

People in those buildings are advised to use bottled water for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, and food preparation. The water is safe for bathing. BGSU is working on providing bottled water for residents of Falcon Heights. It will be available at the front desk.

Contaminants may enter the water system when a water main is depressurized.  The City will make the necessary repairs to restore the water service as soon as possible.  After the repairs are made, the water system will be flushed, samples will be taken, and bacteriological testing will be performed to ensure all drinking water standards are met.  A Water Boil Advisory will be in effect until 12:00 PM three (3) days after the Advisory is issued.  If the Water Boil Advisory needs to be extended, the affected customers will be notified.