7 drug canines do sweep during lockdown at BGHS

Bowling Green Police canine named Arci


BG Independent News


Bowling Green High School went on lockdown Thursday morning as seven drug-sniffing dogs searched the school.

At 8:15 a.m., teachers were instructed to put all student book bags in the hallway, according to Superintendent Francis Scruci. The canines then did a drug sweep of all the bags, the lockers, and all the vehicles in the parking lot.

The drug sweep inside lasted about 90 minutes.

The dogs “hit on” 20 lockers and 20 book bags, but no illegal substances were found.

“Nothing was found internally in the school,” Scruci said.

The dogs also “hit on” 15 cars in the parking lot, all belonging to students.  Those students were brought out to their vehicles, then school administration and law enforcement searched inside the cars. Marijuana was found in one car. All cars in the lot, including employees’ vehicles, were part of the sweep, the superintendent said.

Scruci said no one at the high school knew about the drug sweep until 8 a.m.  – even the administration.

The superintendent said the search was not the result of a reported problem, but because he believes it is a good way to promote smart choices for students.

“I’ve always done it as a practice,” at the previous school districts where he served as superintendent, Scruci said.

“We’re going to continue to try to educate kids on the dangers of drugs,” he said. “We want to make sure they are making the right decisions.”

Bowling Green Police Major Justin White said the seven canine units at the school included BG’s dog, along with two dogs from Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, two from Fostoria Police Department, one from Wauseon Police Department and one from Carey Police Department.