Aidan Hubbell-Staeble: Gordon, Cipriani, Rowland “advocate and work towards a brighter future for Bowling Green”

 This election day, our community has a choice to make for what kind of future we want our community to have. We can choose between electing a city council that listens to constituents, shows compassion, and advocates for fairness and equality, or a council consisting of religious fanatics and demagogues. Daniel Gordon, Holly Cipriani, and Sandy Rowland, are all clear choices for Bowling Green City Council. All three exemplify the values that I have seen make BG such a special community to live in. And they have continued to advocate and work towards a brighter future for Bowling Green. This future is one where everyone feels valued and welcomed. As a young adult who is nearing graduation, I have had to start thinking about where I want to put down roots and start my family. The values that Gordon, Cipriani, and Rowland, embody are the same values that I look for in a community. I grew up in Bowling Green and I’ve stayed here for my schooling. I remember fighting for workplace and housing protections in 2010 with the One BG Campaign. Fighting for a better future is what we do here. And this election, continue that fight and cast your ballot for those who deserve it most.
Aidan Hubbell-Staeble
Bowling Green