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John Subtirelu: ‘I implore the BGSU administration to stand in opposition to Richard Spencer and his ideals’

To Mary Ellen Mazey and Whomever Else May Be Concerned: I’m writing you regarding prominent white supremacist Richard Spencer’s attempts to speak at universities. As an alumnus, I implore the BGSU administration to stand in opposition to Richard Spencer and his ideals. It should be obvious that Spencer’s platform is morally abhorrent, but beyond that, he is unfit for a university stage. At BGSU, I spent a great deal of time studying the validity in arguments. Richard Spencer’s world view is based entirely on sensationalism and fear, with no basis in reality. Many tenets of the alt-right/Neo-Nazi movements imply the majority and privileged members of society are in some way marginalized. When observing congressional representation of white people, how can a valid argument be made that white people “are under attack?” When examining the lack of accountability for Donald Trump’s behavior, how can a valid argument be made that men are being pushed out of the public sector? These beliefs are fantasies, and offer no value to students at BGSU. For moral and intellectual reasons, I ask that BGSU deny Richard Spencer or any white supremacist/white nationalist/Neo-Nazi the opportunity to speak on campus. I ask that this denial be done preemptively before Spencer even raises the issue. White supremacy must be disowned loudly and publicly. Thank you, John Subtirelu Class of 2014 Columbus

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Resident outlines reasons to oppose school bond issue

Why I’m voting No for the School Levy.(grab a tv dinner and have a seat, This is long and your local farmer will be bankrupt when this levy passes) If you read nothing else…  read a copy of the Facilities Report done for each school (it is interesting, rates each building and details) – in summary, cost to renovate Kenwood $6,884,389.41Crim renovation $2,352,490.52, Conneaut renovation $8,246,096.24, BGMS renovation $2,347,767.79, BGHS renovation $23,770,311.45(quick math-non common core- $20Mil before adding the High School, so $44Mil) If you keep reading, remember that number.(off topic, where’s our extra million we were given in 2015 that no one can account for or why we went from excellent with distinguighment to C/D’s on report cards… jw) We should be considerate of farmers, because, well I’m not a skinny chick who doesn’t like to eat, so I need farmers… cattle, pig, chickens, corn and the other healthy stuff you probably eat and I should eat. Yes Mom I’m eating my veggies! Farm tax has increased almost 300% in FIVE YEARS! Agriculture will carry a HUGE BURDEN with this tax. THESE FARMERS, if they don’t go bankrupt, will now charge $1/tomato vs 3/$1, corn will be 2/$1 vs 8/$1, peppers, zucchini, beef, chicken, etc… we are a small town who support local. If I eat out, I hit a LOCALLY OWNED RESTAURANT, now let’s support our local farmers. WE ALL NEED FOOD!Look at all the kids who have free/reduced lunches, look at those who are barely making it and need that free breakfast/lunch (at, Crim?) for help with 1-2 meals a day….

Linda Lander: Daniel Gordon’s “leadership has been critical in attempts to improve neighborhoods in Ward 1”

Daniel Gordon is seeking re-election as the Ward 1 representative to the Bowling Green City Council. His outstanding record of leadership qualifies him to be the only choice for that elected position. Leadership, commitment to neighborhood revitalization, and dedication to equality and social justice have been hallmarks of Daniel’s work on City Council. He has blended these characteristics in supporting numerous projects to improve the quality of life for all Bowling Green citizens. Daniel’s leadership has been critical in attempts to improve neighborhoods in Ward 1. Central to a quality neighborhood are community resources, including green spaces where families and individuals can gather and participate in recreational activities. One of Daniel’s signature neighborhood developments is Ridge Park, the first public park in the history of the First Ward. He is eager to create another recreational area for children and families in the northeastern part of Bowling Green. Daniel has supported the Complete Streets program which provides safe transportation options for citizens. It is Daniel’s strong sense of equality that drives his efforts to ensure that all citizens in Bowling Green have equal access to city resources and safe transportation. Bowling Green has a need for appealing neighborhoods and quality housing in Ward 1 and throughout the city of Bowling Green. Sixty percent of housing in Bowling Green is rental property. It is important for a community to have an appropriate mix of housing options, particularly to attract new homeowners and families. We want Bowling Green to be a city where all members of the community are afforded quality housing. In…

Statement by Mayor Richard Edwards on the Nexus Pipeline

Statement by BG Mayor Richard A. Edwards November 1, 2017 No one single issue has caused me more distress in my role as Mayor than the Nexus pipeline issue. As a person who has long been sympathetic with environmental causes and concerns, I personally have developed a huge distaste for more and more pipelines as a matter of course and I understand fully the passion of individuals who feel the same way. Since first being made aware of the NEXUS pipeline routing, my personal concern, and a concern shared by all members of City Council, has been to protect in every way possible the City’s state-of-the-art water treatment plant on the Maumee River in Middleton Township which processes drinking water for residents of Bowling Green, much of Wood County and the City of Waterville. That has been our focus all along knowing that a local government cannot override a decision made by the federal government. Good, bad or otherwise, its basic government. We have tried as best we can to heighten public awareness and raise concerns about potential threats to the water treatment plant. I’m grateful to some invaluable assists from any number of thoughtful scientists and citizens in this regard. I’m also grateful to the Director of the Ohio EPA, Craig Butler, and his senior staff and water resource specialists for their cooperation and understanding of BG concerns. When construction begins, near the water treatment plant with a pipeline going under the Maumee River, I have been assured and re-assured by the EPA and other agencies of government that…

Mike Zickar: Something’s rotten in the City of Perrysburg

There is a group of Perrysburg politicos who have a penchant for secrecy. They like to make negative attacks on candidates and issues but they do not have the guts to identify themselves. In 2013, there was a Facebook page set up to attack a judicial candidate with no names to identify the page’s creator. In that same campaign, fake Letters to the Editor were sent attacking the same candidate, letters attributed to individuals who simply didn’t exist. A few years ago, there was a Political Action Committee set up to oppose a School Bond issue that used a PO Box at the UPS Store with somebody from the Chicago area listed as a Treasurer, all so that nobody local could be identified with a negative mailing. And now in this election, there is a Facebook page, Concerned Citizens for Perrysburg, designed to attack a particular candidate. There are no names attached to the page or their posts. Negative campaigning may be distasteful in local campaigns, but it is fair game.  What is not fair game is for people to hide behind anonymous pages or shadow organizations.  If you don’t have the guts to put your name to the message, don’t say it. I hope people find out who created this page and hold them accountable.   Mike Zickar Wood County Democratic Party Chair Perrysburg

“The Wicks Family have long been a positive force in our community” – Cathy Harshman & Judy Yackee

The Wicks family and their business, Grounds for Thought, have long been a positive force in our community. Beyond providing a gathering place and nutrition for the mind and body they have hosted numerous cultural, music and intellectual events. They have been instrumental in organizing our wonderful Black Swamp Arts Festival. And now they are applying that positive force toward another community. On August 25, Port Aransas, Texas (as well as other coastal communities) was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. This beautiful beach town has lost so much including every single book in their library. We put out the word that we were collecting books to help the Port Aransas library rebuild. The result has been amazing. Our friends have really come through. Kelly, Laura and Sandy Wicks of Grounds For Thought have alone provided dozens of boxes of books. We are so very grateful for these donations and for the privilege of being a part of this wonderful BG community that Grounds for Thought epitomizes. Cathy Harshman Judy Harshman Yackee Bowling Green

Megan Schweitzer: Daniel Gordon is “personable and experienced city councilman”

As election day rapidly approaches, I urge you to re-elect Daniel Gordon, a personable and experienced city councilman who has proven time and again that he gets the job done and gets the job done right. Daniel has been instrumental in a multitude of accomplishments seen around the city in recent years, such as the creation and development of the beloved Ridge Park, the first public park in northeast Bowling Green. Daniel is not afraid to push city officials and even our own governor to get what we, as citizens, deserve. He is a huge proponent of social justice, equality, and inclusivity. Daniel continues to bring us closer and closer to adopting Complete Street policies, which include bike lanes, completed sidewalks, and safer school routes for our children. Daniel believes that everyone has the right to a livable minimum wage and is dedicated to creating more high-paying jobs right here in our city. He supports local businesses and business owners, strengthening our downtown with economic development across the board. Daniel works for all of us, regardless of economic or personal background. If re-elected for another term, there is no doubt that he will continue to rigorously fight for each and every one of us. Please join me in voting Daniel Gordon for 1st Ward representative this November 7th! Megan Schweitzer