Local Government Update

Water & sewer board approves projects

From NORTHWESTERN WATER & SEWER DISTRICT The Northwestern Water and Sewer District is moving forward on several new projects passed by the Board of Trustees on January 26, 2017.  This list includes: Perrysburg Township: Starbright Subdivision Waterline Replacement  The board approved an estimated $900,000 project to replace the waterline in the Starbright subdivision and surrounding areas.  The project will be advertised for bid within eight weeks.  Work is expected to begin this spring.  This project will impact residential roadways and properties within the subdivision and on Oregon Road near State Route 795.  Detailed information will be announced this spring. Rossford: Lorraine Place Sanitary Sewer Replacement The board approved an estimated $128,755 project to upgrade the sanitary sewer lines on Lorraine Place.  The project will be advertised for bid this February.  The district expects no major interference with property or roadways due to the nature of construction. Detailed District Board of Trustees Minutes at: http://www.nwwsd.org/about/board-of-trustees/agendasminutes/ Other District Updates: Residents of Millbury will be receiving a letter over the next few weeks regarding an upcoming sanitary sewer and pump station capital improvement project. The prime contractor, Visu-Sewer, will begin work on this $1 million project in March.  Most work will occur in…

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East Reed to be closed for gas line work

Columbia Gas has been authorized to close portions of East Reed to through traffic, between North Main and North Enterprise, during the week of April 25. The closures are necessary for the installation of natural gas service lines as part of the 2016 natural gas line replacements. During these closures, no parking will be allowed in posted areas from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Questions may be directed to Columbia Gas of Ohio or the Engineering Division at 419-354-6227.

House Bill 173 expands veteran identification

During House session this week, State Representative Tim Brown spoke on the floor about House Bill 173, a bill Representative Brown co-sponsored.  The bill gives military veterans a new identification card and DD Form 214 filing option.  Specifically, HB 173 allows counties to authorize the issuance of veteran identification cards to qualifying individuals, either through the county recorder or the county veterans service office. While some county recorders already issue the identification cards, HB 173 seeks to standardize the cards issued in Ohio.  The cards will give military veterans in Ohio another option for documenting their veteran status for purposes like employment applications, veteran hospital services and discounts at participating retail establishments and restaurants.  Additionally, the identification card will be useful for certain veterans who do not fit into a category to receive a veteran ID card distributed by the federal government or through their local registrar’s office. HB 173 also provides veterans with the opportunity to record a copy of their DD 214 forms with their local county recorder – which will provide a permanent record of the document for the veteran.    The DD 214 is a document issued by the US Defense Department upon retirement or discharge from…

County recorder submits quarterly report

The Wood County Recorder, Julie Baumgardner, has released a report covering the transactions of the recorder’s office for the first quarter, January 1 thru March 31, 2016: 1,375 deeds were recorded for this quarter, compared to 1,083 deeds being recorded for the same quarter last year. 991 mortgages, with a valuation of $3,763,692,164.90, were recorded for this quarter, compared to 939 mortgages, with valuation of $188,354,546.85 being recorded for the same quarter  last year. Numerous other documents were recorded, in addition to the above, for a total of 4,285 documents being recorded for this quarter, compared to 3,727 documents being recorded for the same quarter last year. Julie Baumgardner, Wood County Recorder, paid a total of $248,368.41 into the county for this quarter, compared to $214,276.89 for the same quarter last year. $109,026.91 of the total for this quarter was paid directly into the county general fund, compared with $83,389.39 for the same quarter last year. $122,665.50 of the total for this quarter was paid into the housing trust fund, less one percent back to the county general fund by the state for the timely distribution of the money to the fund, compared with   $105,757.50 for the same quarter last…

City income tax filing deadline is Monday

The tax filing deadline for a 2015 city income tax return is Monday, April 18. The City of Bowling Green does not accept returns filed electronically. A paper copy must be submitted. Any requests for an extension of time to file a return must be filed with the Bowling Green Income Tax Division by April 18. The IRS does not inform the Bowling Green City Income Tax Division if a request for an extension for a federal tax return has been submitted. Residents are encouraged to call the Income Tax Division for questions at 419-354-6212 or visit the Income Tax Division webpage which may be accessed from www.bgohio.org.

Deadline for storm debris pickup is Friday

The deadline to report debris as a result of the April 9 winter storm is 4 p.m. on Friday, April 15. Residents are to call the Public Works Division at 419-354-6227 to verify the damage and to be added to the list of properties for storm damage pick-up. Any limbs or trees that qualify must conform to the brush pick-up guidelines – stumps and limbs must be less than 12 inches in diameter and shorter than 10 feet in length. Once the deadline has passed, additional properties will not be added to the list for final clean-up. Questions should be directed to Public Works, 419-354-6227.  

BGSU sheds light on why it’s taking a pass on city solar project (updated)

By BG INDEPENDENT NEWS Just because Bowling Green State University is taking a pass on a solar power offer from the city doesn’t mean it’s not pursuing alternative energy options. In a letter sent to the campus environmental activists, university officials explain why they are turning down an offer to place a solar array on campus, and what other efforts are underway to meet the terms spelled out in a national agreement to reduce carbon emissions on college campuses. The letter by Bruce Myer, assistant vice president for campus operations, and Nick Hennessy, sustainability coordinator, was sent to Matthew Cunningham, president of Environmental Action Group, and Lily Murnen, president of the Environmental Service Group, in response to a letter sent by them and signed by dozens of other student leaders, questioning the university position on a city solar project. The city is planning to construct a large solar array and offered to place some solar panels on a plot of land on the campus. On Monday Bowling Green City Council heard from Daryl Stockburger, of the city utilities department, that AMP-Ohio had reached a joint development agreement for Bowling Green’s solar field. Stockburger said the solar array should be ready to…