Citizens gather on Wooster Green to defend DACA

By JAN LARSON McLAUGHLIN BG Independent News   Yvette Llanas, a lifelong Bowling Green resident and American citizen, never dreamed the threat of deportation would touch her family. Llanas found out last week she was wrong. “I never thought this would affect me,” Llanas said in an impromptu speech on the Wooster Green Sunday evening during a rally opposing President Donald Trump’s action to end DACA. “My daughter-in-law happens to be undocumented,” Llanas said. “The decision made this week just crushed my soul.” Her daughter-in-law came to America as a small child. “This is the only home she knows,” Llanas said. “She is part of our country,” as are her two children. “We are all immigrants here, somehow, some way,” Llanas said. About 60 local residents gathered in the Wooster Green to express their opposition to Trump’s announcement last week that he would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in six months if Congress doesn’t find a more permanent solution. Since it was enacted under President Barack Obama, about 800,000 immigrants who were children when they arrived in the U.S. illegally have received protections from the program. DACA allows young people brought to this country illegally by their parents to get a temporary reprieve from deportation and to receive permission to work, study and obtain driver’s licenses. Those signing up for DACA must show that they have clean criminal records. Their status is renewable every two years. “This is really targeting kids who were brought by their parents at a very early age,” said Beatriz Maya, of the La Conexion organization. “They don’t know any other life. It…

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Gathering in BG to show solidarity for Standing Rock protest

Submitted by MEGAN SUTHERLAND There will be an open and public Standing Rock Peace Gathering this Saturday, Nov. 5 at 2 p.m. at the public green space in Bowling Green, located next to the First Presbyterian Church,. All are invited to attend this gathering, which is rooted in peace, prayer and education. Our hope is to show our support for the non-violent water protectors from over 250 Native American tribes, which have gathered in North Dakota, on the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s reservation, in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline, a crude oil pipeline that will be running under the Missouri River, just upstream from the reservation. Our hope is to educate the public, gain awareness to what is happening, and show our support. love and respect for those in Standing Rock. The Native Americans’ peaceful gathering has been met with brutal force from the authorities, and we wish to send our prayers to them, as well as open the conversation on what we can do, in our own hometowns, to address these issues. Please join us to learn, pray, and show your support for Standing Rock with your community! If you have any questions about the gathering, or if you know of a professor or faith leader which would like to speak, please contact Megan Sutherland at 419-341-0164 or at

“I am Running for President, Sam I Am” -Jon Ilcisko

I do not like these candidates, Sam I am, I do not like these candidates, Sam I am. They are loud, gray, old and insulting, so I do not like these candidates, Sam I am. For President, will you run? Why, I might as well, Sam I am. It can’t be any harder Than eating Green Eggs and Ham. Well, have you been living here for 14 years? I have been living here for 14 years, I am 42 and I am in tears. I have been born in the USA, I haven’t left for over a day. Would you join the elephaants? Or would you join the Democraats? I will not join the Elephaants, I will not join the Demoraats. I know, I know, I should join a party, I will register now and not be tardy. I guess I will choose the Party of Green, As we all know that I will never be seen. Will you gather enough support? Will your expectations come up short? In the Caucus I will be discussed, Gathering support is solely a must. I May appear to be ordinary, But that will help me win the Primary. Sanders and Clinton for the Demorcaats, There are more candidates for the elephaants. With Rubio, Kasich, Cruz and Trump, One of each will get over the hump. Would you? Could you? Win the race? Win it! Win it! Receive first place!! I would not, could not win the race, As I still need to choose a running mate. I will then show my great intentions, While I reside in the national Convention. This is possible…

“Kudos to City Workers” -Gary Jones

When I walked our dog in City Park last might (Oct. 19), I was so pleased to see that the city was repairing the short stone wall where you enter the park. I had written a letter June 24 to city leaders requesting that something be done to protect and repair the aging wall, probably 75 years old. It was in sad disrepair. I want to commend the person(s) responsible for scheduling the repair and the workers who made the repair. Their work is excellent. And they put in a new, modern pad for the war memorial, a new pad for the artillery gun and what appears to be a pad for a picnic table. The work looks so nice. It’s worth a drive to city park to see it. Please thank those responsible. They deserve a lot of praise for a job well done. Gary Jones Bowling Green

“Don’t be blinded by party affiliation” -Nathan Eberly

This election cycle, much like many in recent past, has found our communities, and even families at times, sharply divided. Much like cheering for our favorite football team, many seem to want a “side” to win it all. In this case the side is a given political party. Across the board, political parties have stark contrasts which relate to given public policy opinions. These are guided from a view of big picture federal issues through their platforms. But when it comes to local matters, do the national platforms carry the same weight? It is easy for some to discount candidates due to the letter representing their political party. However, for this election, and all elections, I am hoping people evaluate individual candidates on their merits and how it pertains to their abilities for each office, and their respective plans and policies for their offices (and what they can actually do or not do in that position). Don’t be blinded by just the political affiliation. Look at their experiences, skills, and knowledge to best understand how they may perform in office. I myself, looking at my choices, support candidates in the Democrat Party, Republican Party, Independents, and Libertarians (I am sorry to say none this time around in the Green Party, but I have voted Green in the past as well). The reason is that I viewed each office and candidates critically. Not based on political affiliation. For instance, I support Joel Kuhlman for Commissioner and Jane Spoerl for Treasurer. A Democrat and Republican respectively. I support Ed Kolanko for Commissioner and Randy Gardner for State Senate. A Democrat and Republican…

“Gavarone handled by Republican Party in Columbus” -Dr. J Scott & Ginny Stewart

After seeing the attack ads against Kelly Wicks we were surprised to hear during the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum that Mr. Wicks’ opponent took no responsibility for the content of her ads. It became apparent that she is being handled by the Republican Party in Columbus. If this is the case, how can the voters have confidence that she will be motivated to represent her constituents when she is beholden to a party, who first appointed her to the position and is now running her campaign? Kelly Wicks is a hands-on candidate who has spent countless hours meeting with his constituents throughout the region. He has shown that he is well-informed on the issues affecting our communities and our region. He understands the importance of our public schools at a time when millions of dollars have been drained from the schools by the current state administration, which favors for-profit and on-line schools. We find it disingenuous for Mrs. Gavarone to claim to be “our” state representative when she has yet to fulfill any of the duties of the office. Kelly Wicks for months now has been working hard to meet and listen to his constituents and has shown his passion for public service. Please join us on November 8th in electing Kelly Wicks for Ohio House of Representatives, District 3. Dr. J. Scott and Ginny Stewart Bowling Green

“Negative campaigning by Gavarone is disappointing” – Rick Busselle

Bowling Green is a nice community. Wood County is a nice part of Ohio and a nice part of America. Our schools are good and our roads get plowed when they need it. Our local economies are pretty strong. I think life is good around here because people are mostly honest, hard-working, and committed to their communities. That’s why the latest mailer supporting Theresa Gavarone is disappointing. It represents a negativity and deception that is more akin to the values of politicians in Washington or Columbus than our values, and frankly, it doesn’t belong here. This isn’t the first deception from Columbus involving candidate Gavarone, only the most visible. With little acknowledgment Gavarone was appointed to Tim Brown’s vacated seat and is now being paid several month’s portion of a $60,584 state salary. We’re paying her, apparently, merely to establish name recognition because the House has met only once since Brown resigned. That was to appoint Gavarone, and it won’t meet again until after the election. She can somewhat honestly claim that the pointless appointment was a Columbus decision, and she was just following party orders. But the mailer is just more deception from Columbus where the super-majority in the State House claims to cut our taxes when it’s really just shifting the costs of schools, roads, and basic public services to county, village and city budgets, forcing increases in property and municipal taxes. We should reject the deception and negativity of the current state government. The only way to get better government is to elect better representatives. I’m voting for Kelly Wicks because he’s honest and hard-working, just like…