Benefit to raise funds for Standing Rock Water Protectors

Photo submitted by Elena Enriquez

Join us on Saturday, Jan 21, from noon until closing for BG Standing With Standing Rock at Howard’s Club H to raise money to bring vital supplies to the Water Protectors who are risking their lives in sub zero temperature so that we all may share a healthy planet. The fight for clean water and life is far from over!

Acoustic Stage
Matt Ingles noon-12:30
April Freed 12:30-1
Jimmy Lambert 1-1:30
Sarah Connelly 1:30-2
Adamantium Experiment 2-2:30
Justin Payne 3-4

Main Stage
Cadillac Jukebox 4-4:45
Getting Out Alive 5-5:45
2nd Mile Society 6-6:45
Moths In The Attic 7-7:45
Wood N Strings 8-8:45
Weak Little Ears 9-9:45
Awesome Job 10-10:45
Split Second 11-11:30
Daniken 12-12:45

Musical interludes between acts on the acoustic stage performed by; Matt Cordy, Barry Johnson ,Boo Lee Crosser, Bruce Lilly, and Zack Wilson.

There will also be a silent auction, bake sale and food.
$5 entry

All proceeds from the event go directly into support for either firewood, or to supplies for the Medic Healer council.

Let’s come together, the day after the inauguration, in solidarity as a positive, progressive community. Share passions and ideas, speak from your heart of how to transform this reality and how to grow as a community.
We are creating a better, more inclusive and caring world for each other. Stand in support of a healthier planet and those who are peacefully protecting this dream.

Mni Wiconi! Water is life!

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