“Better schools do make better communities”

We have no children or grandchildren in the Bowling Green School district but we strongly support the proposed school levy because we love Bowling Green and will encourage any project that will improve the living and learning environment for its citizens.

It may be true that buildings, per se, don’t make better students; but many studies have shown that the quality of school buildings directly effects student health, behavior, engagement, learning and growth in achievement. Of equal importance, the quality of school facilities has a direct impact on teacher recruitment, retention, commitment and effort. Given a choice, how many young teachers will opt for teaching in half-century old buildings with outdated and limited classroom spaces and technologies when virtually every other school district in the area offers state of the art facilities?

The outcome of the school levy will also have significant impact on the community as a whole: one of the key outcomes of BG’s recently enacted Community Action Plan is to attract young millennials and families. Local real estate brokers will confirm that many of these families are choosing to settle in neighboring communities in part because our schools are not comparable to those in surrounding districts.

Better schools do make better communities! We urge everyone to support the Bowling Green School District levy.

Bob and Joan Callecod
1234 Brownwood Drive
Bowling Green