BG citizens encouraged to ride B.G. Transit on Feb. 14

(Submitted by B.G. Transit)

The B.G. Transit, Bowling Green’s public transit system, will join a number of other public transportation systems on Feb. 14, as the Ohio Public Transit Association (OPTA) undertakes a statewide initiative to celebrate transit in Ohio. The purpose of this day is to encourage the public’s ridership in an effort to celebrate transit and recognize its role in helping to move Ohio forward. ​

Public transportation systems, including the B.G. Transit, are striving to meet the needs of Ohio’s growing senior population. Transit’s specialized services and senior-friendly vehicles make it easy for older Ohioans to maintain an independent lifestyle. Likewise, public transit is a vital link to people with disabilities and their family members. Fully accessible to persons with disabilities, the B.G. Transit plays a role in enabling people to remain actively involved in their communities by providing rides to work, job training programs, medical appointments and adult day care facilities.

Locally, the B.G. Transit works for employees, employers, and students by providing safe reliable, affordable transportation to job sites and schools. Additionally, transit drives Ohio’s economy by making it easy for consumers to visit the mall, downtown, and other local shopping venues. The public also uses public transportation to travel to the library, parks, bowling alley, and countless other leisure time destinations in Bowling Green.

So, this Valentine’s Day, join in on the statewide celebration of public transit. Ride the B.G. Transit in an effort to demonstrate your support of the “Ohio loves transit” movement.

The B.G. Transit is the City of Bowling Green’s public transit system, and it is open to all for use. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. For rides originating and ending within Bowling Green’s corporation limits, the general fare (one way) is $4. For rides originating and/or ending outside the city limits, the general fare is also $4. Half-priced fares are available to persons aged 65 years or older, children (4-13 years of age) and those with disabilities. For more information about the B.G. Transit (including how to receive the reduced fares noted above), please call (419) 354-6203.

To schedule a ride, please call: 1-800-579-4299. For persons with speech and/or hearing impairments, contact us through the Ohio Relay Network at: 1-800-750-0750. To learn more about the B.G. Transit, check out our website: or contact us at (419) 354-6203.