BG issues tips for recycling items from the holidays

The city of Bowling Green has suggested some recycling tips for the post holiday season.

1. Do not bag your recyclables. By doing so the material will most likely be considered trash by the Bowling Green Recycling Center, which is the independent not-for-profit that the city contracts with to take the curbside recyclables.

2. Put caps back on accepted plastic bottles and jars. Examples of accepted materials include – milk jugs, detergent/shampoo bottles, and pop/water bottles.

3. Empty and flatten cardboard boxes. This saves space in your recycling container and helps the staff at the Recycling Center. Do not include the plastic “windows” found on some cardboard packaging to your recyclables. This material should be removed from the cardboard and placed into the refuse container.

4. Wrapping paper is not accepted by the Bowling Green Recycling Center and should be placed in the refuse container.

5. Take glass to the Bowling Green Recycling Center 24-hour drop-off, located at 1040 N. College Drive.

For more tips and information about accepted materials, visit the Public Works Division webpage.