Connection Center benefits from St. Aloysius rummage sale

From left, Colleen Schroeder of St Aloysius, her co-chair Carol Beckley, and Verna Mullins, manager of Connection Center of Harbor.


Colleen Schroeder and her Co-Chair Carol Beckley from St. Aloysius recently  presented the Connection Center of Harbor with a  check for $2700 from their annual rummage sale.

Although St. Aloysius has conducted an annual rummage sale for many years, Colleen and Carol have co-chaired the Benefit Rummage Sale together for the past nine years. Every year the rummage sale proceeds are split in half; half to fund the St. Aloysius Food Pantry and half donated to a community agency, program or a local charity. This is the fifth time in those nine years proceeds were given to a mental health and/or substance use disorder program.

It was Carol’s idea the Connection Center receive the donation this year. As a member of the Connection Center, Carol knew the Center was moving this year into a larger space and needed additional furnishings and supplies for the new building and expanded programming.

Verna Mullins, Manager of the Connection Center of Harbor, says “The timing couldn’t be more perfect. We will use this money to purchase furnishings for our new building as well as obtain items for the expansion of our exercise and nutrition programs. Fitness equipment and a group pass to the BG Community Center will be first on our list.”

Our community becomes stronger when community collaborations like these, match resources with relevant needs.