Daniel Gordon: Cipriani “is a person of integrity, leads with her values, and strives for excellence in all that she does”

As an elected member of Bowling Green City Council, I’m committed to fulfilling a vision of Bowling Green where every single resident, no matter their background, feels respected, valued, and supported; lives in a safe, strong, and vibrant neighborhood; and is free to live their life as they choose. City Council is a team sport, so fulfilling that vision depends on electing the best candidates possible. As such, I’m invested in seeing the best candidates join our City Council team. That’s why, in addition to supporting my colleagues seeking re-election, I’m writing to encourage you to support Holly Cipriani for one of our at-large seats on Nov. 7th.

I have known Holly since we were both students in the same Master’s program in Public Administration at BGSU. She is authentic, passionate, driven, and service-oriented. Holly is a person of integrity, leads with her values, and strives for excellence in all that she does. She has spent time working to strengthen local businesses, economic development projects, and community development initiatives. And she combines her idealism with a healthy sense of pragmatism.

When we have the opportunity to support a BGSU graduate who wants to reinvest their time and energy into improving our great community, we should take it. I’m confident that if we elect Holly, BG will be in a much stronger position to secure the gains we’ve made and make further progress on the fundamental issues currently facing us at the city level: the need for better housing, jobs, transportation, and inclusiveness.

While all of the candidates on the ballot this fall are to be commended for their commitment to BG, Holly truly stands out as the one who fills me and my neighbors with the most hope for our common future. Join me in voting to elect Holly Cipriani to City Council on November 7th.


Daniel Gordon

Bowling Green