Esther Nagel: Separation of immigrant parents from children is ‘abhorrent’

ICE’s current practice of separating immigrant parents and children upon entering our country is abhorrent.   According to pediatricians this practice does irreparable damage to a child’s emotional and psychological well being.

Some of our countries’ leaders say this practice is to deter families from illegally entering our country.  But, many are leaving their home countries due to persecution, poverty and corruption. Agreed, some illegals use children as a shield.  However, this is not a good reason to continue this horrendous inhumane practice.

We profess to be a nation “Under God”;  profess to care for our fellow human beings.  If we who profess this remain silent, our inaction is comparable to giving our consent to this repulsive practice.

I have called and sent an e-mail to my two Senators as well as Representative Latta telling them to immediately cease this appalling practice.  

Before I call I write down what I wish to say in order to correctly convey my opinion.

For more information, google “immigrant families being separated.”

If you wish to let your Senators and Representative Latta know your opinion on this practice, below are their phone numbers and e-mail connections.  

Representative Latta:  202-225-6405 or 800-826-3688

Senator Portman:  202-224-3353

Senator Brown:  202-224-2315

To e-mail our above congressmen, google “contact my senator and congressman”

The best way to change this despicable practice is to let your Senators and Representative Latta know your opinion!

Thank you for your consideration


Esther Nagel, Custar, Ohio