Gathering Volumes hosting Harry Potter House Party, June 26

In celebration of their one year anniversary Gathering Volumes invites you to a Harry Potter House Party on June 26 at 7 p.m.
Gathering Volumes bookstore in Perrysburg will be hosting events throughout the day on Monday, June 26 to celebrate their first anniversary.

The day will include special discounts throughout the day, children’s activities including an introductory class on coding, a special story time, and book giveaways. They will end the day with a special house-themed Harry Potter party at 7 p.m. During the party guests will be sorted into their house based on the color of their clothes, so if you know your preferred house, dress appropriately.

“Many fans know what house they belong to based on personal preference or the quiz on the Pottermore site,” says Denise Phillips, owner of Gathering Volumes. “So we have encouraged them to attend the party dressed in the color of their house. For example, anyone wearing predominantly green apparel will be sorted into Slytherin. E

ach house will compete in four competitions and one house will be deemed the winner of the house cup.

Members of the winning house will receive prizes at the end of the night.” Additionally, the party will involve Hogwarts appropriate snacks, and The Glass City Mashers will be offering samples of beer brewed locally, possibly even a Butterbeer. The Glass City Mashers are a beer, mead, and cider homebrewing club of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, formed in 2011. The non-profit organization looks to find ways to raise awareness for homebrewed and craft beer along with helping other charities in Northwest Ohio.
“Internationally the first book of the Harry Potter series Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released this month in special house versions to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter,” says Denise. “We are working with a Canadian company to bring those to our customers and thought it would be appropriate to host an anniversary party with that theme. We are currently taking orders for the house books. There is an option of a paperback or a hardcover for each house: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. They are very colorful versions of the first book in the series and are the original/international version of the book.”

Gathering Volumes opened in Perrysburg on June 26, 2016. ( At opening they sold new books and book related items. Throughout their first year they have adapted to customer needs. “We have a different mix of new books than when we opened,” Phillips explains. “For example we have a larger selection of Spiritual books than when we opened and a small selection of Travel books. We also added Used Books after the New Year. We now accept Used Books for trade credit in the store and even have a Rare/Collectible selection. Our goal has always been to be the local, independent bookstore for the area, so we want to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the area. Many customers expressed a desire for Used Books. It took us a little while to research and ensure that our Used Book Policy was competitive and appropriate.”

Additionally, Gathering Volumes now displays art work by local artists that is available for sale. “We heard that a local gallery was shutting its doors and reached out to the owner to find out if there were any artists looking for somewhere to display their work,” Denise says. “We were fortunate that the owner was able to find seven local artists looking to display their work. We had spoken to a few artists individually but we didn’t know what we were doing. Dee Brown has been organizing art events in the area for a while and she coordinated a fabulous and diverse collection of art for us to display and knew the best way to hang the art and organize a fun art party to kick off the collaboration. We had local musicians in playing as well. The current artists are scheduled to be on display through the end of the month and then we will host another Art Party and switch the art up.”

Phillips says supporting local artists and musicians fits it perfectly with Gathering Volumes mission of being a local gathering place and that customers appreciate having locally created art available in the store.

For more information on the anniversary celebration and Harry Potter House Party, check out or Gathering Volumes Facebook site.