Grads & students bleed orange & brown at BGSU Homecoming


BGIN Student Contributor

BGSU alumni and students came together and took the opportunity to bleed orange and brown this past homecoming weekend.

Homecoming weekend was filled with many ways for alumni and students to show their spirit for the university and to bleed orange and brown.

Friday, there were several events on campus such as the bed races put on by resident life, and the Setting The Pace Lecture.

The parade was scheduled to be on Friday night as well but was cancelled due to poor weather and persistent rain.

On Saturday, most of the university’s alumni and the students favorite traditions and activities took place.

Many Greek chapters welcomed alumni into the new houses. The new houses received many praises this past weekend as alumni visited. Many alumni said that the new Greek village seemed like more of a community than in the past when the houses were more spread out.

Tailgating took place all day outside of the stadium and in the parking lot of the Stroh Center. Tents for alumni and organizations on campus were set up, motorhomes and RVs were parked, and people cooked out and spent time together before the game.

Tailgating, as well as the game provided the chance for alumni to have fun, catch up, and show their spirit for the university and it allowed students to have a good time during the weekend.

Tailgating and the game are a couple the most popular events of the weekend for both alumni and students.

In four years, I have never witnessed as many people in the small area between the Stroh and the Doyt out side of homecoming weekend.

The game, against Eastern Michigan University, was scheduled to start at 3 but was delayed due to weather. Students filed out of the stands and stood under the stadium.

The rain and lightning held off despite the radar that was displayed at on the video screen in the stadium and after a few minutes, fans were allowed to reenter the stadium.

Students and alumni rushed back in, racing to get reclaim their seats. I didn’t make it back to my first row seat, but my friends and I managed to get third row seats. Still pretty good seats compared to others.

Once the game started, the stadium was filled with orange and brown as students and alumni fill the stands. Many BG fans reuniting with friends while others still seemed to be getting over the effects of tailgating.

Members of the Alumni Band and alumni cheerleaders performed before the game, and the BGSU marching band put on a performance at halftime.

The final score of the game was 27-25.  BG ended the game 3 points behind but that didn’t put a damper on the good spirit of the fans.

Saturday evening, many students and alumni found their way downtown to continue celebrating and catching up, despite the Falcons loss and the cool weather.  

Alumni have many opportunities to return to BGSU and students have many opportunities to have fun and get involved, but homecoming weekend is a rare time for these two groups to merge and experience the university and its traditions together.