“It’s clear that now is the time to invest in new school buildings”

Voters will be asked on November 7 to support a bond request to construct a new consolidated elementary school, as well as to significantly renovate the high school.  Much thought and study by our school leaders, as well as considerable citizen input, have gone into this request, and it is not being made without good cause.  Although a cursory drive-by of our current elementary and high school buildings might suggest that they are in acceptable shape, a closer examination – even a brief walk through any of the buildings, for example – will demonstrate that this is far from the case.  The buildings have long outlived their usefulness, and in their current condition are not conducive to teaching and learning.  Our teachers and students have done a good job of making due with patch worked buildings for several years now, but we have reached the point of diminishing returns.  The current buildings have become like that old car many of us have kept a little too long – in dire need of repair after repair, with no end in sight.  And just as we know when it’s time to trade in that old clunker that is nickel and diming us to death, it’s clear that now is the time to invest in new school buildings.

Bowling Green voters have long displayed a strong commitment to education.  This support has produced an outstanding school system that benefits all of us, whether we have school-aged children and grandchildren or not.  A strong school system with up-to-date facilities attracts individuals and businesses to the community and keeps them here, and it enhances property values for everyone.   But if we allow our buildings to deteriorate, this will no longer be the case.  

The bond request on the November ballot represents an opportunity to continue our proud history of investment in community schools.  Needless to say, no one enjoys paying taxes, but we know they are necessary if we are to provide essential services.  Education is certainly an essential service, and I hope you agree with me that tax dollars in support of education is some of the best money any of us can ever hope to spend.  Please join me in showing your continued support of Bowling Green schools by voting YES on the school bond issue.

Steve Cernkovich

Bowling Green