Jeffers possesses qualities that represent the best of BG

Among Bowling Green’s many positive characteristics, one of its best is the quality of our City Council. Our City Council also sets a tone for our community by working together well, thinking through issues regardless of party. That is why, now as much as ever, Bruce Jeffers would be the best choice for Bowling Green’s at-large Council seat.

It’s been my privilege to know Mr. Jeffers for some years. We have shared many long conversations and been on committees together, and I have watched him serve on City Council. He has worked to foster street and housing planning, prepare the city to use more solar power, and promote a welcoming atmosphere to immigrants for our expanding job market. More than that, though, he possesses two qualities that represent the best of Bowling Green.

First, he is an excellent listener. Rather than pushing any one agenda, he listens intently to members of the public and other Council members. Second, he is practical. He works to find progressive, workable solutions to BG’s current and future challenges.

In sum, in addition to his having a strong record of accomplishment during his time in City Council, he is the best candidate, going forward, to help our city function well and continue its record of responsive, practical governance.

Andy Schocket

Bowling Green