Ken Rieman: “A vote for the Bowling Green school bond issue is a vote for community improvement and economic development”

A vote for the Bowling Green school bond issue is a vote for community improvement and economic development.  It’s a vote to provide the best possible learning environment for our most precious resource–the children of our community. Families consider school reputation and facilities when deciding where to live. Up to date school facilities reflect the importance the community places on families and families are the life of every community.
If we want our children and grandchildren to stay local we need to provide the best learning environment for them now and when they become parents.
It is not just about attracting new people. It is about making the Bowling Green school district
the place our children and grandchildren will raise their families.
They will have a choice and if we don’t make it attractive they will go elsewhere.
The facilities proposed by the school board are not extravagant. They have considered options carefully and have come up with a plan that provides an equal and improved education system for all students,more efficient operational costs and greater security.  The benefits far outweigh trying to extend the life of old facilities. The cost savings that will occur will reduce operating costs. Balancing class size and eliminating bussing some kids to a school across town as has been done for too many years is only possible with a central location.
Segregating groups by grade level  will maintain the small school atmosphere and allow grade level teachers to work together.
The school system has been a good steward of community resources and has extended the life of the current  facilities as long as possible.
Like an old previously dependable car there comes a time when upkeep exceeds the cost of a new vehicle. More efficient vehicles with better safety features are available and you know you waited longer than you should have to replace it. That is where we are at now with our school buildings. You can try to fix up an old car but it will be expensive,not last as long as something new and will never have the capabilities of a more modern vehicle. It is the same with trying to renovate old buildings.
New schools do not come without cost.  However,people will choose to live where they feel their children have the best educational opportunities. If we don’t improve our schools and school system  we are showing people we don’t feel it is important to invest in our community.
If we don’t spend money on our schools why should families spend money on a home in our school district?
Paying for the new buildings over 37 years makes it affordable. It spreads out the cost so current and future taxpayers share in the expense–not just current  taxpayers.
We should not let this opportunity to improve our community pass us by.
Vote for kids,families and community improvement..   There is no no better place to invest our money than in the future of our children and our community.
Vote for the BG school bond issue–our kids and our school district community are worth every penny of the all money that we will spend over the next 37 years.
Ken Rieman