Marissa Garrett: Gordon “is an authentic, strong leader who has fought proactively for change in our community”

I am writing to encourage those in the 1st Ward to re-elect Councilman Daniel Gordon to City Council. I will be voting to re-elect Councilman Gordon for numerous reasons. Daniel is an authentic, strong leader who has fought proactively for change in our community.

Daniel truly wants the best for our Bowling Green community, and has fought to defend our city against budget cuts that would have taken our resident’s hard-earned money elsewhere. He has created more jobs that pay a living wage so that people of all ages and backgrounds can comfortably live in Bowling Green. Councilman Gordon is a consistent advocate for shopping local, and promotes our local businesses that make our downtown what it is today.

Daniel cares about our city and wants to make sure that it is a safe and pleasant place to live, not only for permanent residents, but for student residents as well. Councilman Gordon makes sure that our neighborhoods are safe places to live by working to create safer routes to school for children, installing bicycle lanes, and improving our sidewalks. Daniel also led the creation of Ridge Park, which is the 1st Ward, or Northeast Bowling Green’s first park.

Daniel works hard for all of us, no matter who we are, or what our views are. He is a consistent, hard-working leader that if re-elected, will continue to make great improvements to Bowling Green. Daniel listens to ideas and suggestions, and has made serious changes to Bowling Green during his six years on City Council so far.

Once again, I will encourage you to join me in voting to re-elect Councilman Gordon on November 7th, or by voting early.


Marissa Garrett

Bowling Green