Not In Our Town stands in solidarity with victims in Sri Lanka

(Submitted by Not In Our Town Bowling Green)

Not In Our Town Bowling Green stands in solidarity and support with all of those impacted in Sri Lanka with the senseless acts of violence at houses of worship and hotels on Sunday. 

Our hearts are heavy and broken with grief for the incident lives taken.  An act of violence to any one person or place is an act of violence to us all.  While we do not have answers for the ever increasing violence, we certainly know that silence and complacency is not an answer. 

We will continue to champion diversity and advance the mission of guiding and inspiring people and the community to work together to stop hate and build safe, inclusive environments for all.  

We will continue to share ideas, such as “10 Ways Communities Can Connect and Take Action Against Hate” (, plan educational forums, and provide safe spaces to get to know those each other. 

We will try to make our corner of the world the best it can be through these ideas, but can only do that with your help.  NIOT BG holds monthly meetings and we welcome all members of the community who want to work together to further our mission, and ensure that Bowling Green is an inclusive and welcoming community for all.   In the meantime, let’s take a few moments of silence in honor of the victims and in support of their families.