Perrysburg man urges support for Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

To the Editor:
Chris Vickers’ recent talk on climate change (BG Independent Media 4/23) drove home the point that climate change is already affecting us right here in northwest Ohio.  The algal bloom that turned the Maumee River green in September of 2017 coincided with an extreme heat wave that included six consecutive days at 90F or above. 

One audience member asked a pointed question:  “So what can we do about it?”  The answer to that question is the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763).  This bipartisan bill will place a fee on fossil fuels, driving down the emissions which are causing global warming by 40% within 12 years.  All the net revenue gets returned to American households on an equal share basis, protecting over half of consumers from price increases and stimulating the economy.  It will generate 2.1 million new jobs in local economies over 10 years.

This is the solution to climate change that Republicans and Democrats both support, finally breaking the partisan logjam which has kept us from facing up to the facts. 

Write Rep. Latta and Senators Brown and Portman today, and urge them to support HR 763. To do even more, join Citizens’ Climate Lobby at  Let’s make sure that our planet stays green–not our river!

Bob Clark-Phelps