Rowland “is deeply involved in the process of improving our community”

In the 52 years that I have lived in Bowling Green, I have not known a City Council member who surpassed Sandy Rowland in qualifications, competence, or commitment. In her terms on Council, she has demonstrated a deep understanding of the process of civil service and the obligations of servant leadership. During those years, she has also expanded her knowledge and understanding of government and community action exponentially. Rather than being “stuck” in the past, she is forward thinking and dedicated to the prospect of creating a community that has appeal as a wonderful place to work, raise children, interact with vibrant community members, and play.

Sandy is deeply involved in the process of improving our community through projects associated with the Community Action Plan. One focus of this plan is the creation of revitalized neighborhoods on the east side of town, a project in which she is vitally involved. She was also involved with the Court Street Connects Festival for which BG recently received a Best Practice Award from the Ohio Chapter of the American Planning Association. Re-electing Sandy will position her to continue applying her knowledge and expertise to such projects, thus allowing their progress to continue unabated.

Sandy is truly “in touch” with her constituents and cares deeply about the well-being of all of us. I have attended numerous civic gatherings in town, and Sandy is always there, usually in an active role. Examples of these gatherings are rallies associated with La Conexión and Not In Our Town, organizations dedicated to the inclusion of all our citizens in the life of our city and in society generally.

I am going to vote for Sandy Rowland for at-large representative on City Council, and I encourage my fellow BG citizens to do the same.

Janet Parks

Bowling Green