Tickets available now for HYT’s Silly Goose


Award-winning Horizon Youth Theatre is proud to present Silly Goose, written and directed by Keith Guion, October 26th and 27th at 7 p.m. and October 28 at 2 p.m. at Otsego High School.

According to its author, Silly Goose is the life story of a goose named Silvia who finds herself in three separate fairy tale adventures. As one of The Young Goslings, she and her mother and siblings have to contend with a determined fox who wants to eat them all. A mysterious man named Channer builds an iron house to protect the geese from the fox, and the fox tries several ways to trick them into opening the door so he can get at them.When Silvia is a bit older, Channer takes her to join the royal flock of geese at King Delroy’s palace. There, she meets The Goose Girl, a sad and lonely maid with a terrible secret that she cannot divulge to a human soul. So she tells Silvia, and Silvia,, with some guidance from Channer, helps the Goose Girl achieve her happy ending. After that adventure, Silvia and Channer form a partnership and travel from kingdom to kingdom helping other people achieve their happy endings and punishing the evil people who stand in their way. At some point, Silvia becomes The Golden Goose who is found by a young lad who travels to the castle with an assortment of people stuck to the goose and each other, thanks to Channer’s magic, and when the princess sees this odd parade, she laughs for the first time in years. So Silvia and Channer achieve a happy ending for the young lad and the princess. But what about Silvia’s own happy ending? Where will she find that? Is her life one wild goose chase after another? And what is it with all these goose idioms anyway? 

The play features 33 student actors and crew members ages 6 to 14 from several area schools including Bowling Green Public (and St. Al’s, BG Christian, BG Montessori and Sleek Academy); Perrysburg, Rossford, and Otsego. The rest of the production team: Haven Bradham, stage manager; Stephanie Truman, producer; Christina Hoekstra, costumer; Wendy Guion, props; Steve Rieske, set designer; Anne Weaver, set artist; Gray Frishman, light board operator; and Calista Wilkins, crew chief. 


Aidan Thomas – Fox

Hannah Campbell – Silvia 2

John Simpson – Dirk

Lilly Koralewski – Peasant 1

Sam Koralewski – Prince Anders

Amy Claypool – Goose 2

Drew Thomas –  Channer

Alice Walters – Princess Elmina

Sophia Milks – Child 2, Gosling

Claire Nelson – Child 1, Gosling

Lauren Peppers – Deedee

Sarah Keller – Silvia 1

Calista Motisher – Goose 1

Liam Rogel – Jack

Addie Smith – Princess Marisa

Adam Proulx – Parson

Charlie Vostal – Lance

Angie Ruiz – Jack’s Mother

Reece Hall – Silvia 3

Emy Wilkins – Gigi

Isobel Roberts-Zibbel – Bebe

Ella McNamara – Clerk

Emily Coen – Casey

Lauren Clifford – Silvia’s Mother

Lila Stover – Gosling

Nash Valentine – Conrad

Jonah Truman – King Delroy

Stacy Anderson, Lauren Carmen, Steven Edwards, Gavin Miller, Rose Walters, Calista Wilkins

Otsego High School is only seven miles from Downtown BG. Tickets available now at the HYT website or at the door for only $5.00. Fun for the whole family!

As always Horizon Youth Theatre wishes to thank Joyce Wright and the Otsego School District for generously hosting all of our productions (four per year). Thanks also to the Woodland Mall for providing rehearsal space and St. Marks Lutheran Church for audition space. We couldn’t do this without you.