Water district consider alternate line for water emergencies between Perrysburg & BG

Bowling Green water tower off Newton Road in Bellard Business Park


The Northwestern Water and Sewer District’s (The District) board of directors recently approved the findings of a feasibility study.  The study examined the possibility of an alternative water interconnection between the water systems of The District and the Cities of Bowling Green and Perrysburg for use only during an emergency.

The $85,000 study, funded by the Local Government Innovation Program, shows that during an emergency, these areas in Wood County would be provided with safe, potable water.

According to District President Jerry Greiner, “Essentially, it shows that it’s possible for Bowling Green’s water supply to provide water to communities currently using Perrysburg supplied water and vice versa in an emergency.  It also can provide water to District customers in parts of Middleton and Perrysburg Townships.”

The study included sampling and testing of the various water supplies at different ratios to verify the safety of co-mingled water and how such a system could be constructed.

The three parties involved to will continue discussions to decide if they would like to move forward with design and construction.

A presentation and full study are posted at nwwsd.org.