Art fest’s Chalk Walk competition goes on despite rainout

Students working on Chalk Walk creations.


BG Independent News

Two weeks after the Black Swamp Arts Festival’s Chalk Walk competition was washed out by rain, four teams from Bowling Green High School were at work bringing their designs to life.

Working on the sidewalk leading to the school the chalk-dusted students created out-of-this-world art.

This year’s theme was Outer Space and the Solar System.

Terra Sloane (left) and Sasha Zengel put the finishing touches on their sidewalk chalk drawing.

After the competition had to be canceled, Tom and Lorena Perez, who coordinated the event for the festival, and guest artist Chris Fry decided that instead of judging the works based on the designs submitted by the 15 teams, they would give the students a chance to draw those designs at their schools.

Most of the other teams have either scheduled or completed their work. They are teams from Otsego, Sylvania Northview, Eastwood, Holgate, Wayne Trace, Anthony Wayne, Genoa, and Lake.

The basic rules remain the same — teams of five or fewer, no teacher involvement in the actual creation of the drawing, and a four-hour time frame to draw the image.

Teams are required to submit time and date stamped photos documenting the beginning and end of the process, as well as other photos showing the work in progress.

Teams have until Sunday at 6 p.m. to submit their work. 

Winners will be notified at 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29.

The BG students were disappointed that they weren’t able to create their work as originally planned.

“I definitely prefer to do it at the festival,” Anne Weaver said. She loves “the ambiance with all the music and people walking by.

“Still this is fun,” she added.

Sophi Hachtel blending colors.

“We were bummed we didn’t get to talk to the chalk artist,” said Sophi Hachtel.

On Saturday morning each team had it own soundtrack.

Etta Gallaway said she was glad the school organized the event so all the teams could work together.

Kate Bozzo said she and her teammates have been participating in the event for the past three years since art teacher Lloyd Triggs suggested they give it a try.

They always have fun creating art with their friends.

“We’re all the secret sauce,” said Uzochi Nwauwa. “We all bring stuff to the table for the perfect recipe.”

Sophie Pineau said that the chalk medium can be difficult. She highly recommends wearing gloves.  “When you don’t have gloves blending with bare fingers on asphalt is brutal.”

But that blending is needed to bring out the full range of colors.

Nwauwa said it did have a nostalgic feel, of drawing with chalk as a child.

“It’s like that childhood experience,” Bozzo said, “except up a level. Now we can make it really, really beautiful.”

Nwauwa said: “There’s a lot of hidden talent in Bowling Green. In an event like this you get to see that talent.”