Campus police, BGSU officials address questions following accidental shooting

Bowling Green State University police are continuing the investigation into an incident Wednesday evening (April 24) in which a student accidentally shot himself in the hip inside his vehicle. The incident occurred in Lot 7 behind the Bowen-Thompson Student Union. 

The student, who has not been identified, was conscious and alert when transported to the hospital. He is currently at Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

In a message to the campus community Thursday, Michael Campbell, BGSU director of public safety and chief of police, stated: “We are still investigating last night’s incident to determine if any laws or policies were violated.”
In the message, Campbell explained that no campus alert was issued because “it was immediately clear that there was no danger to the University community.”

Those who first reported the incident through 911 said that it was an accidental shooting. A campus police officer was on the scene within 30 seconds of the call “and was able to confirm that there was not a broader threat,” Campbell said.

An emergency notification through the AlertBG system, Campbell wrote, is issued “upon confirmation that any significant emergency or dangerous situation exists that involves the immediate threat to the health or safety of students, employees, guests or visitors on campus. It is only used for those purposes.”

Campbell, added: “However, I do understand that an incident like this can create apprehension and fear in the community. The University is reviewing its procedures to see how we can better inform the community and quell rumors using our non-emergency communication tools.”

The incident , he wrote, also raised questions about BGSU’s policies on weapons on campus. “To be clear, students, faculty, staff and visitors are prohibited from having weapons. The only exceptions are for members of law enforcement. For more details, see our policies for weapons, weapons in our residence halls and the carrying of concealed weapons.”

However, he continued: “Individuals with concealed carry permits may legally store a secured weapon in their vehicle while on campus.”