Cheney reappointed to water & sewer district board

John Cheney (second from left) with county commissioners (from left) Joel Kuhlman, Doris Herringshaw and Craig LaHote.


John Cheney, long-time resident of Henry Township, was reappointed to the Northwestern Water and Sewer District board effective January 1, 2017.

Mr. Cheney is the longest-term board member of the District’s nine-person board of directors.  He was first appointed to the planning organization looking to form the District in 1992.

He will start his 25th year with the District when his new three-year term starts in 2017.  He has served as an officer of the District on several occasions in the past.

As one of the nine board members of the District, he is appointed as one of three Wood County Commissioner board members, joining three others appointed by the Wood County townships and three other from Wood County Municipalities.  

Board members are responsible for the overall operations of the District, who now serves over 19,000 accounts in the region with approximately $200 million in assets with 65 employees.

“We’ve come a long way during my tenure here with the District and it’s been a gratifying experience serving all ends of the County,” says John Cheney.