Gathering in BG to show solidarity for Standing Rock protest


There will be an open and public Standing Rock Peace Gathering this Saturday, Nov. 5 at 2 p.m. at the public green space in Bowling Green, located next to the First Presbyterian Church,.

All are invited to attend this gathering, which is rooted in peace, prayer and education. Our hope is to show our support for the non-violent water protectors from over 250 Native American tribes, which have gathered in North Dakota, on the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s reservation, in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline, a crude oil pipeline that will be running under the Missouri River, just upstream from the reservation.

Our hope is to educate the public, gain awareness to what is happening, and show our support. love and respect for those in Standing Rock.

The Native Americans’ peaceful gathering has been met with brutal force from the authorities, and we wish to send our prayers to them, as well as open the conversation on what we can do, in our own hometowns, to address these issues.

Please join us to learn, pray, and show your support for Standing Rock with your community! If you have any questions about the gathering, or if you know of a professor or faith leader which would like to speak, please contact Megan Sutherland at 419-341-0164 or at