“Gavarone handled by Republican Party in Columbus” -Dr. J Scott & Ginny Stewart

After seeing the attack ads against Kelly Wicks we were surprised to hear during the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum that Mr. Wicks’ opponent took no responsibility for the content of her ads. It became apparent that she is being handled by the Republican Party in Columbus. If this is the case, how can the voters have confidence that she will be motivated to represent her constituents when she is beholden to a party, who first appointed her to the position and is now running her campaign?

Kelly Wicks is a hands-on candidate who has spent countless hours meeting with his constituents throughout the region. He has shown that he is well-informed on the issues affecting our communities and our region. He understands the importance of our public schools at a time when millions of dollars have been drained from the schools by the current state administration, which favors for-profit and on-line schools.

We find it disingenuous for Mrs. Gavarone to claim to be “our” state representative when she has yet to fulfill any of the duties of the office.

Kelly Wicks for months now has been working hard to meet and listen to his constituents and has shown his passion for public service. Please join us on November 8th in electing Kelly Wicks for Ohio House of Representatives, District 3.

Dr. J. Scott and Ginny Stewart

Bowling Green