Gordon signs letter decrying anti-Muslim bigotry


Bowling Green City Councilman Daniel Gordon has joined more than 500 elected officials from across the country in signing an open letter condemning bigotry and anti-Muslim hate, and pledging to support Muslims and immigrants who have come under attack in their communities. Signers vowed to take action to ensure that the Constitutional rights of all members of their districts are protected and that all residents are welcomed as full members of our community. The letter and list of signatories is available at http://bit.ly/LeadersUnitedAgainstHate.

“We must not tolerate or ignore the increasing attacks and threats on Muslim members of our wider community,” Gordon said. “What we’re hearing and seeing from some politicians and others is shameful and fundamentally un-American. It goes against our values of freedom, pluralism, equality, and justice for all. We have a moral responsibility to speak out against this, and reaffirm what we stand for. We are one American family, and we protect all members of our family. That’s who we are as a people.”

The letter, signed by mayors, city council members, and state and local legislators, states:

“We vow to use our positions as elected leaders to stand up against anti-Muslim bigotry, against xenophobia, against hatred, and against oppression. We vow to promote local laws and policies that advance equity and value diversity. We vow never to use fear as a political tactic and never to succumb to fear as political pressure. We vow to work to fulfill the aspiration of our nation’s founding, in partnership with you, and against all those who would demonize or silence you.”

Added Gordon, “Bowling Green, Northwest Ohio, and our nation as a whole are better and stronger when we stand together. We must proactively affirm, not merely tolerate, the diversity of our communities.”

In the coming weeks, cities around the country will pass resolutions pledging to combat hatred and anti-Muslim bigotry.