Hannah Lanfear: Gordon has worked to make BG an inclusive city

I am writing to encourage other members of my Bowling Green community to vote to re-elect Daniel Gordon for City Council.

Daniel has served on City Council for six years and has shown that he is authentic, has a strong work ethic and practices good judgement.

He has an incredible track record of fighting for policies and projects that make Bowling Green an inclusive city, where all people, of all backgrounds can feel safe. He has authored legislation aimed at  protecting all citizens from discrimination and hate crimes.

Additionally, Daniel has been working and would like to continue working hard with neighborhood revitalization. He has been a part of raising housing stock and property values, especially on the east side, and would like to strengthen the Community Action Plan to continue these efforts, if re-elected, with an overall goal of having housing in Bowling Green that is safe, affordable, and of good quality.

Finally, Daniel represents BGSU students, as well as permanent residents. He has made much effort to bridge the gap between the students and permanent residents and will continue doing so, if re-elected. He strives to support local businesses and bring more jobs to Bowling Green that pay a living wage. He would also like to add bike lanes to make it safer for students and families to get to class and travel through the city.

With all of this said, I highly encourage Bowling Green residents to vote early or on November 7 in support of Daniel Gordon so we can continue making Bowling Green a fun, safe and inclusive city for all residents.


Hannah Lanfear

Bowling Green