Rotary Club writes $25,000 check for Wooster Green


At the Thursday, April 25 meeting of the Rotary Club of Bowling Green, the club will present a check for $25,000to the City of Bowling Green, in fulfillment of its $50,000 commitment to fund the West Wooster Green Space project.
In 2018, the Rotary Club made a three-year commitment to the City of Bowling Green that it would raise and donate $50,000 to the West Wooster Green Space project. The club was optimistic about being able to raise the money over the course of three years, primarily relying on their annual ‘Piano Wars!’ spring fundraising banquet, held each April at Snook’s Dream Cars. The events included a catered dinner with live music, silent auctions,
dueling pianos, live auctions, 50/50 raffles and more.

The club planned to space out the donations over three years, to ensure that the goal could be met; however, both the 2018 and 2019 “Piano Wars!” events were so successful that the Rotary Club is able to fulfill its promise in only two years.

These events were spearheaded by the club’s Event Planning team, which was led primarily by Betty Kahlenberg, recent retiree of Waddington Jewelers and formerly of the Sentinel-Tribune.

In 2018, as part of its visioning process, the Rotary Club to put a stronger emphasis on local projects and programs, to give focus to the Bowling Green community. The club looked at a variety of projects to sponsor, and ultimately decided to take on big, medium, and small goals.

For the big project, the Club committed to the City of Bowling Green that it would raise and donate $50,000 , over the course of three years, to the West Wooster Green Space project.

For the medium project, the Rotary club raised and donated $10,000 to the Wood County Habitat for Humanity, in support of their first Bowling Green home build; many Rotarians have participated in the local Habitat builds.

For the “small” project, the club re-committed to funding the annual ‘Chalk Walk’ high-school art competition at the Black Swamp Arts Festival, donating funds to bring in a professional chalk artist demonstration, and donating supplies including chalk and t-shirts for the local high school students.