Wood County EMA

Severe weather expected to hit on Sunday

Brad Gilbert, Wood County EMA director, has issued the following advisory: The EMA has just completed a conference call with the National Weather Service concerning a significant storm system moving into Ohio this weekend.  The remnants of tropical storm Gordon will be combining with another storm system and a cold front over Ohio which will bring extremely heavy rain to most areas of Ohio.  Attached is the current estimate of rainfall for this storm system across Northern Ohio through Monday morning. A significant portion of Wood County is in the 2” – 3” rainfall category.  Please keep in mind that these are current estimates and a slight change(20-30 miles) in the storm track could easily shift even heavier rain totals over Wood County. Scattered showers are possible Saturday afternoon with steadier rain starting to move into the area Saturday evening.  Steady rain will become even more likely towards and after midnight Saturday and through most of the day on Sunday.  Thunderstorms will also become possible on Sunday with very gusty winds even outside of thunderstorms. Training thunderstorms and flash flooding will be the first concern on Sunday as rain could accumulate quickly in low lying areas (roads and land).  Stream and river flooding issues will also become possible by Sunday evening and into Monday. The Portage River basin will likely see 2”-3” of rain which will cause a rapid rise in the Portage River on Sunday.  Low lying areas will likely become inundated by late afternoon and evening on Sunday.  Persons living along the Portage River should keep a very close eye on conditions on Sunday into Monday.  Minor flood stage for the river is likely, but if rainfall in the river basin approaches or exceeds 3” of rain, Moderate flood stage will be possible with a small chance of Major flood stage (again if rainfall starts exceeding 3”).  Preparedness and precautions will be the key to reducing the impact of flooding on lives and property. EMA will receive an update briefing from the NWS at 5:00 p.m. today (Sept. 7).  We will issue another email with updated information immediately following their update.  Updated information will also be posted on the EMA Facebook page throughout the weekend.  Please use extra caution when driving on Sunday and Monday as roadways may have ponding water on them and low lying areas in roadways may have significant water standing in them.  If you…

Isolated severe thunderstorms possible Wednesday & Thursday

Brad Gilbert, Wood County EMA director has issued the following advisory: A storm system will move into NW Ohio Wednesday afternoon and evening and then continuing into Thursday (8/15 & 16).  Although widespread severe weather is not expected, some isolated thunderstorms could become strong or even severe at times. The primary threat from this storm system will be an abundance of tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico that will be available to the storm system.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be possible Wednesday afternoon with a better chance of persistent rain/storms likely by evening into the overnight hours and a good portion of Thursday.  It will be possible for thunderstorms to start “training” (one right after the other) over the area which could lead to flooding issues in some areas where these training storms may set up. Please exercise extra caution if you have to travel Wednesday night and into Thursday as roadways may have ponding of water or may even have deeper flooding water at times especially in areas of training thunderstorms.

Wood County expecting early morning snow Wednesday

Brad Gilbert, Wood County EMA director has issued the following advisory: We were just provided (at 5 p.m.)  an update of the strong storm system moving through the Ohio Valley tonight and tomorrow morning.  The storm is taking a slightly more northerly track which could push measurable snow up into the Wood County area Wednesday morning.  Up to 2” of snow is possible through Central and Southern Wood County with 1” or less expected in Northern Wood County.  Some areas near Fostoria in Southeastern Wood County could see slightly higher amounts in the morning. This is not a big snow maker, but we have not had measurable snow in several weeks so please allow extra travel time in the morning and use extra caution when traveling for the Wednesday morning commute.

Winter weather update

Brad Gilbert, Wood County EMA director, has issued the following advisory: As most of you may have seen by now, forecast models came into agreement last night and pushed the heavy snow band to NE Ohio down through Columbus and Cincinnati (I think making most of us happy).  Although there may be some minor changes in the forecast by later this afternoon, the following is a general timeline of the winter weather that we will experience on Friday. Rain will move into the area this afternoon and evening and continue into the overnight.  Temperatures will begin to drop towards daybreak Friday morning starting to turn the rain over to freezing rain and sleet.  By late morning, the freezing rain should start to transition over to all snow.  Snow will continue through the afternoon and possibly into the evening.  Accumulations will be around 2 inches in the Northern Wood County area with slightly higher amounts of 2-3 inches in Central and Southern Wood County.  Please keep in mind that winds will also become gusty, so blowing and drifting of snow will be likely right into Saturday morning.

Weekend winter storm in the offing

Brad Gilbert, Wood County EMA director has issued the following advisory: EMA is monitoring a strong storm system that is moving across the country that will impact NW Ohio by Friday afternoon and into Saturday.  This is a classic winter storm that will move across the middle of the country and pick up moisture from the Gulf of Mexico while cold Canadian air gets pulled into the backside of the storm system.  Forecast models are NOT consistent at this time as to the exact path of the storm system.  One model puts the heavier snow to our west through Indiana and another model puts the heavier snow to our east across NE Ohio and Western Pennsylvania (obviously if you average the two, NW Ohio is right in the middle).  Snow amounts are not known yet other than there will be accumulating snow.  Once forecast models start to agree, we should have a better idea where the heavy snow bands will set up.  We will continue to monitor this situation, but I wanted to give you early notice of the potential for a sizable snowfall the end of this week into the early weekend. Enjoy the spring-like temperatures Wednesday and Thursday!

Light snow & frigid temps in the forecast for Wood County

Brad Gilbert, Wood County EMA director has issued the following advisory: A “clipper” type storm system will move just to our south tonight and into the early morning hours of Saturday.  The heavier snow bands will stay well south of Wood County; however, light snow will fall across Wood County tonight as a result of this storm system.  2” or less will fall across the area by Saturday morning which is enough to make roads slippery once again, so please use extra caution when driving tonight and early Saturday morning.  3” – 5” of snow will fall across west central and central Ohio with this storm system if you plan on traveling south tonight or tomorrow.  Those areas are under a Winter Weather Advisory.  Very cold arctic air will once again move into the area behind this storm system creating a dry but very cold New Years weekend.  Please check on elderly neighbors, pets, and other functional needs people this weekend as temperatures plumet below zero once again.

White Christmas in the forecast

A white Christmas is possible based on a weather updated from Bradley Gilbert, Wood County EMA director. Gilbert reports: “Two storm systems will impact our area this weekend.  Both will bring a chance of accumulating snow.  The storm tracks have shifted slightly since last night. “Details are as follows: “A storm system will move to the southeast of NW Ohio late tonight into Saturday morning.  Snow on the northwest side of the storm will just barely impact Wood County bringing a dusting of snow to around 1” in some areas (especially southeast Wood County) by mid-day Saturday. “Another storm system will impact NW Ohio Sunday afternoon and evening.  Snow accumulation on Sunday will be 1” – 3”.  Christmas day will start out cloudy with some areas of sunshine by late morning and into the afternoon with colder temperatures.” Arctic cold will settle into the area for Tuesday through most of the week.