Tickets available now for HYT’s ‘Dorothy in Wonderland’


Horizon Youth Theatre is proud to present Brian D. Taylor’s musical “Dorothy in Wonderland” June 21, 22, and 23rd at 7 p.m. at Otsego High School, sponsored by The Wood County Historical Center & Museum and the Cagle Family.

About this creative combination of two beloved classics, Taylor states on his website that “it’s natural that Dorothy and Alice would become instant friends if they met. After all, they’re both girls who want to return home from the fantasy worlds in which they find themselves.” Dorothy, Toto and the characters of Oz get caught in another whirlwind, sweeping them off to Wonderland where they encounter Alice, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Cheshire Cat, and other familiar characters from Lewis Carroll’s famous Alice stories. And if you thought the Wicked Witch of the West was bad, facing a dangerous and irrational new foe — the Queen of Hearts – causes Dorothy and her friends to nearly lose their heads. Will a wild game of croquet be enough to defeat the Queen and return both girls home? Songs include “Two Worlds,” “A Mad Adventure,” “The Heartless Executioner,” and “Back Where It All Began.”

Helmed by first time director Allison Kulbago, the musical features 47 students age 8 – 16 from many area schools including Bowling Green. The rest of the production team: Kat Knoell, stage manager; Tim Barker, choreographer; Hanna Felver, music director; Scarlet Frishman, assistant director; Christina Hoekstra, costumer; and Brittany Albrecht, consultant. Terra Sloane and Sophia Nelson star in the title roles of Dorothy and Alice.

Other cast members are as follows:

Dorothy understudy: Kaitlyn Valantine

Alice understudy: Izzy Douglass

Tin Man: Thomas Long (u/s Bob Walters)

Scarecrow: Calista Wilkins (u/s Lola Truman)

Lion: Nash Valantine (u/s Aiden Thomas)

Wizard of Oz: Bella Truman (u/s Gray Frishman)

Glinda the Good: Anne Weaver (u/s Aubrey Evans)

Mad Hatter: M Clifford

March Hare: Sophi Hachtel (u/s Gavin Miller)

Queen of Hearts: Isaac Douglass (u/s Narnia Rieske)

Dormouse: Narnia Rieske (u/s Thomas Long)

Cheshire Cats: Aria Weaver, Alice Walters, Ligaya Edge

Tweedle Dee: Violet Grossman

Tweedle Dum: Katie Partlow

Toto: Lila Stover

White Rabbit: Gavin Miller (u/s Sophi Hachtel)

Tigerlily: Izzy Douglass (u/s Isobel Roberts-Zibbel)

Rose: Lauren Peppers (u/s Calista Wilkins)

Tulip: Emy Wilkins (u/s Reece Hall)

Caterpillar: Lola Truman (u/s Lauren Clifford)

Humpty Dumpty: Aubrey Evans (u/s Rose Walters)

King of Hearts: Bob Walters (u/s Lauren Peppers)

Rook: Alexandra Roberts-Zibbel

Pawns: Calan Amos, Amelia Mazzarella, Simon Baney, Aiden Thomas (u/s Jonah Truman)

Knight: Amalia Cloeter

Frog Footman: Reece Hall (u/s Emy Wilkins)

Fish Footman: Gray Frishman (u/s Whitney Bechstein)

5 of Hearts: Rose Walters (u/s Anne Weaver)

7 of Hearts: Lauren Clifford (u/s Terra Sloane)

Knave: Kaitlyn Valantine (u/s Liam Rogel)

Dance Chorus / Playing Cards: Iris Jones, Whitney Bechstein, Lily Martin-Williams

Dance Chorus / Chess Pieces: Riley Rader, Faeth Buchhop, Hope Wilson, Rose Walters

Cards / Munchkins / Flowers: Isobel Roberts-Zibbel, Liam Rogel, Claire Nelson, Noah Edwards

Ozians / Chess Pieces / Winkies: Jonah Truman, Neveah Martinez

In what has become an HYT tradition, the understudies will have the opportunity to strut their stuff for an audience of over 1000 area children involved in the STARS program on Tuesday, June 19 at 1:00 pm at Otsego High School. Family members are also welcome to attend (donations appreciated)! Tickets for the performances on the 21st – 23rd are $8 – $10 and available on our website or at the door. Come enjoy the singing, dancing, and madcap adventure at the beautiful Otsego auditorium which is only seven minutes from downtown BG!

As always, Horizon Youth Theatre would like to thank Otsego Schools for generously hosting our nomadic troupe; thanks also to The Wood County Historical Center & Museum, the Cagle Family, and the BG Community Foundation. We couldn’t do what we do without their help.