BG Chamber: “Bowling Green district must expand, renovate and modernize its facilities”

The Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has voted to endorse the upcoming Bowling Green City Schools Bond Issue and the Wood County Job & Family Services Human Services 1.3M Renewal Levy.  The high quality of life in the Bowling Green area is directly supported by the quality of our city schools and by the important services provided by the WCJFS.

There are hundreds of articles stating how quality schools are an economic development driver. Communities wanting to retain and attract new economic development projects should know that corporate decision makers look hard at the local school systems. Do they provide a quality education?  Is the school competitive in the use of technology and facilities?  Will the school produce a future quality workforce?  Passage of the bond would make us more competitive with neighboring school districts, vastly improve technological instruction and classrooms, and would show our youth how much we value their education.

There’s no question that the Bowling Green district must expand, renovate and modernize its facilities. The price tag will never be any cheaper than it is today. This project will create the best learning environment and opportunities for our youth.  The School Bond Issue is the opportune time for BG citizens to invest in our community and our future.

The Wood County Human Services Levy is not a new tax, it is a 1.3M renewal. As a community, we need to be aware the renewal would ensure the support of investigating reports of suspected child abuse and neglect, elder abuse, neglect and exploitation, provide homemaker services to senior citizens, and fund the work being done for families/individuals where Opioid abuse has contributed to the increase in the number and complexity of cases.

These unfortunate situations are a reality in Wood County, with the expectation that the 2017 investigation numbers will set all-time records.  The rise in cases, coupled by Ohio’s ranking as the 50th in the country for state funding of  child abuse programs, local support is absolutely vital.

No one wants to experience child and elder abuse, but if you do, WCJFS has a dedicated team of professionals who work hard at delivering services while being responsible to the taxpayer. Our support of this renewal levy will directly improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and employers seeking help for their employees.

Earlene Kilpatrick
Executive Director
BG Chamber of Commerce