BG plant was also targeted for pipe bomb, according to U.S. District Court

Elizabeth Lecron


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The Toledo woman arrested for planning a terrorist attack at a Toledo bar was reportedly also plotting an attack at a Bowling Green manufacturing plant.

Elizabeth Lecron, 23, was arrested Monday and charged in federal court after she purchased black powder and screws that she believed were going to be used to make a bomb as part of a terrorist attack.

She was charged with one count of transportation of explosives and explosive material for the purposes of harming others and property.

While much of the initial publicity focused on her alleged plans to use a pipe bomb in an unidentified Toledo bar, the arrest warrant from the U.S. District Court revealed that Lecron also planned some type of an attack at her workplace in Bowling Green.

The warrant stated that Lecron worked the second shift at an automotive parts manufacturing plant in Bowling Green.

Bowling Green Police Lt. Dan Mancuso said this morning that BGPD detectives were contacted last week by the FBI about the upcoming press conference that was held Monday.

However, the police division was not notified about the possible threat of a bomb attack.

“We weren’t actually consulted,” Mancuso said.

FBI spokesperson Vicki Anderson said this morning that she could not be more specific about the Bowling Green location mentioned in the arrest warrant.

“In our documents we didn’t reveal where she worked,” Anderson said.

Anderson explained that oftentimes local law enforcement officials are not contacted, since that’s when information leaks occur. She also said that undercover FBI agents were working closely with Lecron and were aware of the progress of her plans.

“We did not feel the public was in danger,” Anderson said.

When Lecron actually purchased bomb-making items, she was arrested.

“Once she bought the items, that’s when we needed to move,” Anderson said.

The arrest of Lecron made national news on Monday.

“This defendant bought black powder and hundreds of screws that she expected would be used to make a bomb,” said Justin E. Herdman, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio. “Through her words and actions, she demonstrated that she was committed to seeing death and destruction in order to advance hate. This case demonstrates terrorism comes in many guises and we will remain vigilant to protect all Americans.”

According to an affidavit filed in the case, Lecron came to the attention of law enforcement earlier this year after one of her associates expressed a desire to conduct a violent attack. Further investigation revealed Lecron frequently posted photographs and comments on social media glorifying mass murderers, including the Columbine shooters and Dylann Roof.

After her Tumblr account was shut down because of offensive content, Lecron started a new profile – “CharlestonChurchMiracle” – where she continued to post photos and comments about mass casualty attacks.

Lecron and an associate flew to Denver in order to visit Columbine High School. Around this time, she also began corresponding with Roof and attempted to send him Nazi literature.

In early August, undercover FBI agents and confidential sources communicated with Lecron. At that point, Lecron reportedly stated she and an associate had devised a plan to commit an “upscale mass murder” at a Toledo bar. She stated she knew the bar only had two ways in or out, which could be a tactical advantage when police arrived.

Later that month, Lecron reportedly stated she wanted to meet other anarchists in order to form a team. She stated she wanted to damage a livestock farm to set livestock free. She later confirmed she was willing to sabotage anything that harms the environment.

A week later, on Aug. 28, she allegedly reiterated she wanted to attack a farm that raises pigs or cows. The next day, Lecron stated she could not locate such a farm and was going to focus on something else.

In September, Lecron reportedly met with undercover FBI agents at a Toledo restaurant and stated she and an associate started to make a pipe bomb. They had researched how to make a bomb and had purchased the end caps.

Lecron reportedly stated she “definitely want(ed) to make a statement up here” in Northwest Ohio, and thought the place where she worked could be a good target because she believed the business was polluting the waterway behind the plant.

According to the arrest warrant, Lecron stated that “security is little to none” at the plant, and that she would get the undercover agent an access badge by stating she had lost her badge and requesting a second one.

Lecron reportedly said she would take photographs inside the building and draw a diagram to help plan the attack.

When asked about killing innocent bystanders, Lecron reportedly stated that she had no problem with that because they are “probably a part of the problem.”

On Dec. 4, Lecron reportedly had discussions with an undercover agent regarding a pipeline bombing. Lecron agreed to buy black powder needed to make a bomb.

On Dec. 8, Lecron reportedly met with a source at a retail sporting good store, where she entered the store by herself and purchased two pounds of Hodgson Triple Seven Muzzleloading Propellant. She then reportedly went to a larger retailer in Perrysburg, where she purchased 665 screws of various sizes, some as large as three inches.

Lecron reportedly said to the source: “So I guess I’ll talk to you when the deed is done?” She later reportedly said: “I’m very excited…stick it to him man…be safe.”

She was arrested and charged with buying explosive materials with the intent to injure people or damage property.